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Off tank-wick

Last updated on December 9, 2011
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Build note.

- At the start, decide between thorn mail and Force of Nature based on your opponents. AD opponent means early thorn mail where AP based opponents need a Force of Nature.
- An early Warmog's Armor is important, and if you feel the need for it, buy rank 1 boots and then go for Warmog's and make your mercuries later, this way you have some speed to go with while still having money for an early Warmog's.
- If your opponents are mainly AD based overall, you might want to go for the Ninja Tabi boots instead.
- Deciding when to buy your Sheen and your Atma's is important, you might want to consider an earlier Sheen if you notice your hits aren't cutting it. Since Warwick's utility as a tank is minimal if his damage is low, it can be devastating if your hits don't do as much as they should. There is not much reason to target a Warwick if it's not hitting hard.