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Olaf Build Guide by themobilefox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author themobilefox

Olaf is #1

themobilefox Last updated on January 18, 2015
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So basically i dont even need to explain this but olaf is the #1 pick based off of season 2 LCS so pretty much he time traveled here to the present day and brought the win back.

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Basically when u have ult and ghost up run up the someone and spam your keys, if you script you will never miss a Q so they will be permaslowed AKA stunned, and with your e you can just assassinate anyone you want.

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Difficult matchups

There are none.

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Basically olaf got me from silver to gold back in the day so if he can do that much for me he can do much more for you. I hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck.