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Olaf Build Guide by Ludendorff

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ludendorff

Olaf the king of thunder

Ludendorff Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Chapter 1

well hello , this is my first build so enjoy
well , buy a cloth armor (if you gonna make jungle or if your enemies be strongers than you) if you stay in the line and your enemies be weak's buy a Longe sword to deal more damage and buy potions of life and mana (you can change the runes of armor for runes of strength if you want more atack and if your team have more tanks) now make a lantern and stay on the line or make jungle and gank your enemies. OLAF is very good on beginning game and not so good on late game so please get more kills to make a good late game , if the enemy team are more powerfull, change the stark's favor for a Frozen mallet (i recomend cause your second skill and give you more atack and another thinks) or make a The Black Cleaved or another bloodthrister, make the black encaved if the enemy team have many tankers, or better buy your frozen mallet (dont buy for the damage) and sell your lantern and make a Black Cleaved. , so remember , olaf are very good for ganks and jungle , so kill en all with ganks and surprise atacks and kill en all in team fights.