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Talon Build Guide by Kloos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kloos

Only Fools Pledge Their Life to the Meta- Talon Jungle

Kloos Last updated on March 6, 2016
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Talon Jungle

Hello guys! This is my first guide and I hope you all like it. I am a talon main and one game I accidentally forgot I was jungling and I picked talon thinking I was going mid. So I decided to just go with it. Since Talon is really good at snowballing he has the potential to be an extremely good jungler. Basically what happened that fateful game was I cleared blue jungle, backed and basically went to every lane assassinating whoever was in it. I ended up carrying my team to victory.

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Talon Jungle - How To:

This is basically what you do when you are doing Talon jungle.
#1 Start blue side of the jungle and fully clear it (if possible). This will get you lvl 3 and blue buff.
#2 Snowball constantly. Do not clear jungle camps unless you need a certain buff, xp or a little bit of gold. You need to be constantly running around the map and helping your team out.
#3 Build your first 4 items as fast as you can. These items will make you extremely efficient in the early/mid game.

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Remember Talon jungle is not the easiest thing, but with practice it could be great! So best of luck to you in your experiences with talon in the jungle.