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Only thing he sucks is blood

Last updated on October 3, 2010

This is my Vlad build. I've been playing him for about 2 days, but he's dominating. My best game so far has been 23/6/12. You want to get transfusion to lvl 5 as soon as possible for greater survivability, especially when laning against a harassment character. Try to use sanguine pool as little as possible. The best time to use it would be if there's a gank, use ghost run and sanguine pool together. You wont get stunned, slowed or anything, and you'll have 500+ movement speed. Spam transfusion, it's your main move. Be conservative with Tides of Blood when you're low level, but at 9+ you can spam it because you will probably have giants belt by then and you will certanly have lvl 5 transfuision to regain your health. Get sanguine pool at lvl 2 so you're not first blood.

Item choices:

Amplifying Tome: Start out with a good amout of AP, and when coupled with your runes, you will be a terror.
Mejai's Soul Stealer: You WILL get kills if you're not a complete idiot. You will also be able to escape fights so a snowball item is ideal for vlad.
Boots of Swiftess: You're going to have so much AP it wont really matter unless your whole team is AP, then get magic pen shoes.
Rylai's: High AP, High HP, and a slow on cast. Need I say more?
Warmog's: HP becomes AP with vlad's passive, why not? Also, you need high HP to survive later game.
Z ring: It's just insane AP.
Will of the Ancients: Help out your team with AP and Spell Vamp. Also, your spells that use HP will now give it back! :D