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League of Legends Build Guide Author Support Pro

OverPower Team

Support Pro Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Soraka + Yi= Insane Harass team so the opponent cannot harm
You have Soraka Starfall doing damage and -Mag Def. + Yi who can do a free harass with Alpha doing magic damage. Pretty much they cannot farm. Soraka give -magic armor, pretty much your whole team has Magic Damage.

Janna + Garen= Enemies get close to creeps, Janna slows for 4 second with 25% mv spd. Garen Judgement and auto attacks= dead. Janna has a slow and stun. Hurricane is kind of like a stun.

Mordikaser: Mid. do I need to explain.

Team Consist
2 Tank DPS
1 Stunner/Healer
1 Uber Healer/Negative Magic Armor
1 Main Carry DPS/Tower killer