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Pantheon Build Guide by PantheonThePunisher

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PantheonThePunisher

Pantheon - AD your body to the pile

PantheonThePunisher Last updated on November 15, 2013
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HI. This guide is for people who bought Pantheon because he looks so damn cool. He is the funnest champion to play, and imo has the coolest ult ever. This guide will show you what items to buy, what abilities to level up, and how to rape face with the mage slayer pantheon. Pantheon has the ability to turn the tide in any battle, he has a jump-stun that has stolen too many kills to count, and a spear shot to rival Nidalee's. All in all, he is a poking assasin. :)

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Pros / Cons

Ok. Im not gonna lie, pantheon has some cons.

Has no escape
Gets ganked easy
His ult can be canceled by an simple stun.
Has a short range teleport that damages (his ult).
Has a good poke.
Can jump on characters that make a mistake.
Has one on the most damaging combos in the game.

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Skill Combo

Pantheon Ults in, BUT HE CAN W WHILE IN THE AIR! This means me can stun when he lands his ult, then use his e, which would be quite close to fully upgraded by the time panth gets his ult.