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League of Legends Build Guide Author PolaxCorndog

Pantheon - Come at me

PolaxCorndog Last updated on December 23, 2011
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Different Items

Depending on the Enemy Champions you should either have mercenary boots or follow the build. If they're more melee champions get Thornmail instead of Warmongers.

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When u run into a fight make sure first to pop your Q then stun with your W then E. When the stun wears off and, you already used your E your Q should be back up When They Run throw your Q.

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Pros / Cons

Almost unkillable
Lots of kills
Easy ganks
Lots of damage

Squishy Early Game
Easy Kill till Warmongers
Killed Or Be Killed

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Team Work

When You go into a team fight make sure to use your R first to jump in then do your combo on the weakest champ or the targeted one