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Pantheon - Dat carry

Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Great passive
Good farmer.
Powerful ganks.
Good Early game.
Ulti acts like a teleport to team fights
Nice finishing/ks'ing abilities
Fun to play.

No escape mechanism.
Mana dependent (Usually just early game)
Easily countered.
Weakens at late game.

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Aegis Protection : Passive - Puts a shield around Panth that will block after 4 attacks
Shield blocks turrets and Gangplanks Parrley so can be used very effectively while turret diving.

Spear shot. : Probably Panth's most damaging ability. Pro for KSing - Great for harass but kills mana

Aegis of Zeonia : Pantheon's stun

Heartseeker Strike : In my opinion one of Panth's weaker spells until later - I feel as if it is a very item dependent ability but it should be used right after you stun the enemy for the best results

Grand Skyfall : Pantheon's ultimate - Acts as a teleport, Great for teamfight AoE's and to get into the fight.