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poppy chargestun - devast - autohit combo

Last updated on August 25, 2010
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(my english isnt that best, im sorry)

The plan ist simple - chargestun, strike, autohit and run (wait CD). Again.

the build is quite expansive. so be sure your one of the main jungler (start at lvl 4-5 to jungle the low creeps, dont die on lane after it, get some pots).

u think bout the items? for explain:

nashors tooth -- cd reduction 25% u need it to spam ur devastating strike
mercury´s -- needed to follow the playstyle (hit´n´run)
mejais -- stack ap (or geth zhonyas ring)
lichbane -- is essential for hit high auto hits after devast strike
hextech gunblade -- for some ad+ap leech
frozen malet -- survivability and perma slow

yes u can change some items, i get the best result by this, in early game trinity force is quite better 130% ad dmg - but u gonna pimp for endgame ur devasting strike, so u need ap.

possible option:

mejais - zhonyas ring
hextech - rageblade