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Poppy two hit ko variation

Last updated on September 6, 2010
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Hypothetical Build based off of The Twohit-KO poppy build

Differences: Runes
9x Greater Seal Of Def adds 24.3 def at lvl 18 (Better Survivbility IMO)
1 in ghost ( to catch yi, set up for attacks, esc etc.
3 in hardiness (more def = more survivability)
1 in perserverence (4% health regen)
Item Build
Sword of the occult vs black cleaver, black cleaver yes gives more dmg output, and has a stacking armour pen per hit, sword of the occult has 30 base penetration for 5 sec, multiple hits not needed, seeing as how you only hit your enemy 2 times before you have to set up for your next attack this would be ideal, also it gives attack speed bonus of 55% in theory, this would be the better choice ....

im open to suggestions!! feel free to try this out and get back to me .. i have yet to try this .. im lvl 17 and still farming IPs for my runes, this is just my theory on how my poppy is going to be built and i want some feedback before i buy runes for her