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Tristana Build Guide by Great Taco

League of Legends Build Guide Author Great Taco

Preseason 6- Dragon Taming 101

Great Taco Last updated on March 8, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Tristana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kalista Her passive is useless against you, your range is larger, you might be able to burst her before she can react, just dodge her abilities and don't let her and her support AA you.
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Pre-season changes!

Patch 5.22 is at hand.
Tristana will have some nerfs, specially on her Q>E Combo.

Removing Q->E cooldown loops, but W now resets when E detonates.

Q - Rapid Fire
No longer reduces Explosive Charge's cooldown while attacking with Rapid Fire active
Rapid Fire's cooldown is no longer reduced when attacking targets marked by Explosive Charge
Cooldown reduced at later ranks: 20/19/18/17/16 seconds

W - Rocket Jump

Early damage lower, higher at later ranks: 60/110/160/210/260
No longer deals increased damage per stack of Explosive Charge
Now additionally resets whenever Explosive Charge detonates at maximum stacks on champions

E - Explosive Charge

Now detonates instantly upon reaching maximum stacks
Rocket Jump and Buster Shot now apply Explosive Charge stacks


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Hello everyone.

In this guide I will try to explain one of my main ADC in the League.
This is my FIRST guide in MOBAFire, so sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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Pros / Cons


  • Squishy.
  • Early pusher.
  • Bad Buster Shot can save enemies.
  • Hard laining/cs.
  • Long casting on Rocket Jump, can be interrupted.
  • Item dependent.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage As the ADC you'll need a lot of AD, this will add up on your AutoAttacks, synergizes with you Masteries, giving you even more damage. You can instead use Greater Mark of Armor Penetration for early power, but I'd stick with the AD ones.

Greater Seal of Armor This will give you some defenses against the enemy ADC, again, with masteries you will take less damage form him. Adding health runes will help you stay in lane.
Greater Seal of Health The health it provides is just awesome, it helps you stay in lane longer and survive most of the poke of the enemy with some defenses provided by runes and masteries. With a healer-tank you won't be recalling a lot.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist this will give you some defenses early for AP supports, like Leona or Lulu. This alongside with Scaling runes you'll get more defenses early and mid game, will help you survive throughout all the pain.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for protecting you all game from magic damage (in the start you won't get a lot of AP damage, the scaling will go better late game.)

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage This will add more damage early, meaning on easier last hits and some AA poke, combined with Tristana's range will be easier to land some damage.
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal synergizes well with your attack speed and helps you in early sustain, I don't recommend this ones anymore, and you just lose a lot of power, but if you do prefer it, go ahead.

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  • Fury It speaks for itself, More Attack Speed = More Damage.
  • Feast I prefer restoring health when killing a Unit rather than get 2% more damage of all sources.
  • Vampirism Both masteries help, but I rather have some Life Steal.
  • Oppressor With a Support who can slow/snare/stun you will do more damage.
  • Battering Blows Armor Penetration comes in handy from early to late game.
  • Fervor of Battle Tristana is a AutoAttack reliant champion, Fervor will help on early power and will add up nicely late game.

  • Savagery Will help you last hit and get jungle monsters early
  • Secret Stash Sustain option, as I don't focus on getting the buffs.
  • Merciless More damage to units under 40% health, just for executing options.
  • Dangerous Game For a little gambling when dueling against the other adcs, great sustain option.

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Summoner Spells


: Great escape mechanism, or even chasing, if your Rocket Jump isn't enough, just Flash away.

: Some survivavility, plus a movement speed boost. Great for baits or chasing/escaping. I usually run Heal for dem plays.

: Perfect for baits or sucking up some damage, I normally use it to save myself from Ignite.

: If you are confident you will not need Barrier, Ignite will help your burst, now you have AD, AP, and TRUE DAMAGE!

: If you want to be safe, or you are against Taric and Amumu with another CC champ, this is useful and synergizes well with Mercurial Scimitar.

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Starting Items

The sustain start for ADCs, whit will give you enough survivability other Early Game.

The new greedy start for ADCs, I rather not start with this one, I prefer having sustain, but feel free to try it yourself.

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This items are really useful, and they are FREE, you should get ANY trinket. Warding totem helps warding, so your support can get another trinket. If your support already got Warding Totem a good strategy is to get Sweeping Lens so you can take the enemies wards in bushes. Scrying Orb is nice for a quick reveal, can help you get a quick glance and check for ganks. The 3 trinkets goes well with Tristana it's up to you.

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Core Items

Your bread and butter on Tristana, your late game won't be about casting your abilities, what you want is to AutoAttack. With Tristana's HIGH RANGE and high critical you'll be melting your enemies.

Statikk Shiv now provides more ADC stats for Tristana the passive is the same (but now bounce to 5 targets rather than 4), 30% attack speed (lower than PD), 5% movement speed and 30% Critical Strike Chance. Phantom Dancer now is a better option for dueling champions.

Same old item, tons of Lifesteal and a great shield when you have full health, combine this with you Keystine Matery Warlord’s Bloodlust and you will regen a lot of health!

This new item wil grant you On-hit magical damage (I think it will stack with Statikk Shiv’s passive PENDING FOR TEST) to the next target and 35% Autoattack Range (capping at +150) which works on Structures.

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Defensive Items

Do I need to explain it? It gives you HIGH defenses, plus a kinky passive, it will revive you, like a little Zilean in your pocket... with a high Cooldown.

This comes in handy when they have HEAVY CC or a Nasus. The damage will help Tristana on her autoattacks, and the Magic Resist comes nice. DON'T FORGET TO USE IT WHEN YOU ARE CC'd.

Helpful item against Veigar, LeBlanc, or another heavy AP. Banshee's Veil helps with AD Casters too, be sure to let the passive reset.

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Viable Options

Lord Dominik's Regards is the new Last Whisper, pretty much self-explanatory, but if there are not much enemies with so much health you can go for Mortal Reminder if there is more healing on the other side.

runaans hurricane has become a new ADC item, as it makes the secondary bolts to crit. The lifesteal you have will also benefit from this bolts. It gives less attack speed, but now it is viable for ADCs.

I’m particularly not a big fan of Essence Reaver, but the cooldown it gives will benefit you on all your high cooldown skills. Also as you crit you will gain some mana, which can be handy.

BotRK will give you both LifeSteal and AttackSpeed, and it will Synergize with Lord Dominik's Regards’s passive, as you will do more damage to Stacking Health Champions.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Draw a Bead will add range to your AutoAttacks when you Level Up. This is what makes Tristana the BEST ADC in the League. With this passive, at level 18, you will have a total range of 669. The longest range, except for Kog'Maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage, Twitch's Spray and Pray, and Jinx's Switcheroo! but they have to activate it and waste some mana, you got is Passively.

You can outrange at Level 1:
Graves, Kog'Maw, Sivir, Quinn, Jinx, and Lucian.

Fun Fact:
You can attack Baron Nashor over the back wall once she hits level 13, a feature shared by Caitlyn.

Tristana will gain AttackSpeed, at rank 5 you will gain 110%. The new update made Rapid Fire more viable to get in early game, it now cost no mana and adding even more attackspeed! The cooldown is still high, so use it wisely, either for pushing or when you are completely sure a Team Fight is going on. Max it second for a quick 110% attack speed.


~ Use it RIGHT BEFORE the AutoAttack animation, it will give you more time to use it, basically squeeze it in before you actually AutoAttack.
~ Each basic attack against a target marked with Explosive Charge reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 1 second, you can attach the bomb into a minion and AA him for reducing this Cooldown.

Tristana will jump, landing it will damage all enemies above with magical damage and slowing them, kills or assists will refresh this skill. This separates AP Trists and AD Trists. I only use it for escaping and chasing, never engage with that. NEVER. If you are chasing someone, jump to them if you are sure you will kill him so you will get the refresh. You only need the jump, not the damage, so max it last.

Tip: You can use skills/items/Recall mid-air, keep that in mind for a good W>E>R Combo

This skill makes Tristana a HEAVY pusher. The passive of this skill makes your last hits explode damaging all enemies around with magic damage. The active will place a mini Zilean bomb, making higher damage with your AA and your Rocket Jump, the new active makes you a reset assassin. Be careful early game, you don't want to push so hard, or you will get ganked.

Use Rapid Fire for a quicker explosion, I keep playing her and try to get the kill with the W's explosion, I still think it is not worth it, up to you.

Hitting an enemy unit with Rapid Fire will reduce this Cooldown.

Your glorious ultimate, it Knocks back your enemies by 600/800/1000 distance, I don't normally use it for the distance, it's better for execute someone or save your teamates, a patch ago they added more CD on her ultimate, it's not a direct nerf, her playstyle is still normal, use it to kill or save your a**!

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Poking Combo

Pretty much is what you can do level 1/2.
It might not be enough AutoAttacks for an early explosion, but it'll be something.

Exploding Combo Pre-6

> > x4 >
Pre-6 this will be your most damaging combo, with Rapid Fire it's more likely to proc Explosive Charge's full damage.

Exploding Combo Post-6

> > x4 > >

Pretty much the same pre-6, but the burst in your Buster Shot is great for executing or leaving them enough to AutoAttack one last time and you get Points for style. You can use R and autoattack once before the enemy leaves your range.

"F*** that Turret!" Combo


I don't know why Riot decided that an already heavy pusher get this destruction power. When you use Explosive Charge on Turrets, you will explode half of its life with the 5 autoattacks, plus adding Rapid Fire to the formula, you can push 1~2 towers if you are left alone in the lane and free farming.

High Risk = High Reward


The point here is to Rocket Jump BEHIND an enemy champion and (while mid-air) and use Buster Shot to throw him into your team, if your team is not strong enough to kill him in time, you won't get the reset, meaning you are vulnerable for that time.

"Betrayer!" Combo


This is a tricky one, you need to use Explosive Charge on an enemy close to you, pump it up until 4 DON'T EXPLODE IT YET, use your Buster Shot and throw him into his allies, making the explosion hit his team. If you manage to master this one, you can get kills with an enemy bomb.

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Support Synergy

Usually, Tristana is not bad with any support, but there are some of them who excels on protecting her and buffing her. I usually go with a tankish support, with CC and good peeling. There are some cases when survivability will be better, like when your top and jungle goes tank, but if not, you'll need it.

Synergy: 10/10 Thresh is what you want! A good Thresh will be able to protect the hell out of you. He's got poke with his auttoattacks and his armor will be high mid and late game. Death Sentence will give you a kill or save you, if you see he jumps in with that, DO NOT Rocket Jump RIGHT AWAY, he is most likely Flay it to you, adding a nice slow, save it for when they use Flash or wants to escape. Dark Passage will help on your mobility, if someone is chasing you and Thresh is in front of you he WILL use Dark Passage, once you click the lantern you can Rocket Jump away. Once he is level 6, your kill potential will be higher. He can initiate with his combo, when the enemy breaks a wall on The Box it's your time to kill.

Synergy: 10/10 Leona is perfect pair on Tristana, her CC is unlimited! At level 1 she can break wards, while in level 2 she can jump into the ADC and stun him/her applying her passive and letting you have a kill! Good communication with her and you can get a kill(probably first blood) with her. All your damage will be Magical, with her passive and your E, if the enemy ADC got armor Runes and Masteries you'll still damage him so hard!
Leona excels in peeling with stuns, and can be a hardcore tank with her Eclipse.

Synergy: 8/10 A fantastic tank with a heal. If he is smart, he won't start with Triumphant Roar instead he will go for his hard CC. This will help you and your team for invades or early ganks. A good Alistar will always keep you safe, and giving you opportunities for a kill. Be careful when he dives though, he can tank, but most Alistars will screw something up, either his combo or using Unbreakable Will. Also, be aware if he uses Triumphant Roar a lot, it will push hard your lane.

Synergy: 6/10 I don't know why Taric stop being so useful, right now is a bad choice, but he can excel at protecting you, his stun is reliable, he is an Armor tank, an okay heal, and gives you AD and AP. Right now, you won't see a lot of Taric players, but he can still support your Tristana playstyle. If you are on a poke lane, like Ezreal or Caitlyn, the armor he gives you will come in handy.

Synergy: 9/10 Lulu's poke and utility helps Tristana on every way, your damage will be mostly magical in early, making armor useless. Lulu will poke the hell out of the enemies, with her Glitterlance she can slow and damage the enemy, making them hard to CS or even touch you, also giving an escape if the jungler ganks you. Help, Pix! will shield you and adding magical damage on your AutoAttacks. The only bad point of Lulu is her ultimate, it can save you, but the passive of Wild Growth won't apply, it's more reliable on someone who is melee, it can help you out when they are chasing you, so don't underestimate it!

Synergy: 10/10 Her shield will be good for the fact that gives your AD, AutoAttacks from long range with a boosted AD will hurt, a lot. Janna can keep the assassins away from you, she has one of the best disengage, with slows and knock ups. Although her Monsoon is mostly used to disrupt, she can use it to heal and save you. If she gets 40% CDR she can (and will) spam shields on you, making you hard to kill and painful.

Synergy: 3/10 I personally don't like Blitzcrank, he needs a lot of communication for a good supporting ability, his skills are well rounded, but he relies too much on just a pull, if he misses you won't do much, he can't protect you as good as other support, but his hidden ability will help you throughout the laning phase, the enemies will be to scared of him on the beginning, they will most likely play passive. If he keeps the pulls it means the ADC will be on your face, be careful on this one. He is still a good support, but I don't like it that much like Thresh.

Synergy: 6/10 She can outpoke the enemy, but with the new skills she got, you need to hug her to make her useful. Now, you need to be around Sona's auras, and you need a good communication so you won't waste your empowered autoattack, it can help you get a last hit, but it can also steal some. The shield she gives is good, and now she heals on missing health, which can save you in very tight situations. Sona also have a good kill potential once she hits 6 and get Crescendo. Try and get a kill whenever you can, Sona can help you out.

Nami Synergy: 7/10 is great on keeping you alive, and unlike Sona you get 3 empowered autoattacks with slows, she can also heal you and gives you Movement Speed whenever she does. A good Aqua Prison will mostly give you a kill or save you from assassins. Nami is great right now, and her ultimate will speed you up and knocking up and slowing the enemies.

Synergy: 9/10 This one is a good choice, Braum's tankiness will help you out a lot, if you have problems with Draven or Caitlyn, Braum will help you, he can counter those pesky ADCs. With your long range, his passive is always gonna activate, stunning the enemy and giving you a kill. He can still protect you with his life, just a great pick for Tristana... Life is good, ya?

Synergy: 5/10 This one is usually on the jungle now, but when he goes support you can get a lot of utility, slowing both, Attack Speed and Movement Speed of the enemy ADC, plus giving you both with Blood Boil. If Nunu goes tank, he will most likely be around you, giving you the Capped Attack Speed, making you a monster, with 40% CDR on Nunu you won't even see your AS low (pun intended). His ult will keep everyone away from you, slowing them and hurting them.

Synergy: 9/10 This one is a great one! When I go duo with a friend (she mains Morgana) we go for this pair. Morgana can counter EVERY support, with just one skill, A.K.A Black Shield. In early game, you won't get CC'd to death when using her Black Shield. Another great skill of her is Dark Binding, scaling up for a 3 seconds snare, this is where yo do your magic and Autoattack from safety. The downside of this one is that Morgana needs her own items, and without farming she will be a little late on her build, even for Zhonya's Hourglass, so her Flash+ Soul Shackles+ Zhonya's Hourglass combo will be in he late game. Still an awesome support.

I'm still working with other support and see if they can fit with Tristana

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Early game

You will need to farm, when you are done keep farming, even if you are done with that, just farm.
I can't stress on how important it is, FARM.

As any other ADC you'll need the gold, and ADCs items are really expensive, you need to focus really hard on getting dem gold.

Tristana's poke ability is her Explosive Charge, whenever the enemy gets close to farm, just use E on him and a quick autoattack. It's a free poke, but don't get to close just for one E, be really careful when using it. You caan spam it, if you are sure no one will gank you, Tristana's early power got a little buff, even with one stack of Explosive Charge will deal more damage, but alway aim for a fully stacked explosion. You can out-trade most of your enemies.

Explosive Charge also will deal AoE around the last minion you Last Hit, if you manage to kill a minion near the enemy its also free poke!

Mid Game

The game breaks, some turrets are down, Mid is already fed. You need to start roaming, push bot and rush mid, help every champion in the map, but don't risk yourself.

Keep on pushing, Tristana is really good at that with her Explosive Charge. Stay always on the back of your tanks and supports, with your high range won't be hard to keep AutoAttacking.

Late Game

If you get into this... you'll just feel like a God.
Your Range is higher, your damage is just ridiculous, your team won't feed anymore!
By this time you will need to focus on getting the enemy threats.
The enemy carry is usually behind their tanks/supports, but with your range will be easier to get them!

Don't be alone, NEVER. You can get caught, making your team lose all their damage and pushing ability.


You are already farmed up, you got full build.
You need to stay behind your tanks, let them soak all your damage, try and not get assessinated, autoattack the shiz out of everyone. If you can pick a kill on someone squishy you are doing your job right.

Be careful when using your Q, as it has long CD. Use it when you know the teamfight is breaking down.

Try and keep the enemy pushed, if you win the fight you'll get a tower, or two, or the nexus! Focus on the enmeies damage dealers, if they come for you W out of there and hope your tanks/supports know how to peel for you!

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Some examples

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Good bye

Thanks for reading guys. I hope that with this guide you have an idea of playing AD Tristana.
I will keep on updating this every time I need to, like I said, this is my first guide ever in MobaFire, if you could, please rate my guide, comment on errors, mistakes, or doubts, I will try to make clear how to play as Tristana.