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Vi Build Guide by shadowbloodedge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowbloodedge

Pummel in the Jungle (Vi Jungle Season 6.4)

shadowbloodedge Last updated on February 20, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Ability Key W
Ability Key E
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Vi with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi Yi is squishy early and can snowball hard unless you put him down
Shyvana Her passive damage and armor are nothing comapared to yours.
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Shadowbloodedge back again with another jugnle guide. This time I will be discussing Vi. Vi is a versatile fighter that can be configured many different ways. Her passive makes her a great tank if built with health. Her W makes her a good assassin or bruiser.

Shes fun to play and with a million different ways to do it Vi is a perfect choice for an empty jungle slot.

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Jungling with Vi

Weighing The Choices

Heavy Damage dealer
Great mobility due to Q and R
Very Mana efficent
Good lock down CC

Slow attack speed
Low movement speed
CC isnt hard
Q is aim reliant

Vi brings a good mix of rough'n'tough combat and tanking capabilities. Here Q will stop enemies in there tracks while applying Armor Shred and dealing damage. Her E resets her basic attack animation and makes damaging dealing alot faster. Vi has great sustainability and can combo with most other champion CC.

However, Vi's attack animation is very slow, its compensated with her W but even still it does not last long. Vi is only as effective as the fight lasts. She needs to proc all 3 hits (2 with sated) to get her full armor and health damage out. Also if you miss her Q youve ruined your entire combo unless you are willing to use your ult to bring it in.


18/0/12. Alot of Vi's abilities scale from both AD and AP so Natural Talent is a good option. Take Fervor of Battle to make each consecutive punch and armor break that much more powerful. Runic Armor will buff your passive shield and can prove very useful.


Take Armor Pen Marks and Attack Speed Quints to give even more power. Cover your bases with Armor Seals and Scaling MR Glyphs.


I really wouldnt take anything other than Flash

Barrier could be an alternative to bolster your own shield but i find the latter much more useful.

As always do NOT forget SMITE

Jungle Route

Vi's jungle route is pretty standard. Take your W first and go for Krugs. Once you take Krugs, work up the raptors and into the blue side of the jungle. Take Gromp or Blue and return to get the health spike of Red.

Alternatively you can take your E and start taking Blue, smiteless if you can. Smite and take Gromp and wolves. Work your way to raptors and take Red. Recall or take Krugs if you can.

If going sated make sure to take scuddle crab, Dragon, and Rift Herald when you can to get you to 30 stacks ASAP


The Jungle Item
Stalkers Blade is the gold standard for Vi in most cases. Using the smite to steal speed and burst into the enemy is a great way to initiate.

If you want a more supportive role, take Trackers Knife to get vision on your important camps and help relay ganks and keep the match together.

As always take the enchantment that is most suited for your situation

Standard AD Beat Down
Take Stalkers with Warrior to give you a much needed power spike. Follow with a Ravenous Hydra to make you Armor shred hurt surrounding targets and give you life steal. Its a great camp clear item as well. Follow with a Trinity and Deadmans Plate. Trinity will give you all the essentials: Cooldown, Crit, Health, Mana, Attack Speed, AD, etc. etc. Its Spell blade effect proced on a W and E combo is a monster. Deadmans will help your movement speed and provide a colossal boost on your next punch. Finish up with Berserker's Greaves and a Spirit Visage to help with attack speed and increase the healing on Ravenous Hydra.

Fire Breather
This build was an experiment I tried and I really enjoyed it and got decent results. Its more of a fun build. First take Devourer on your jungle item and hit the camps. As you are working build up into Blade of the Ruined King and Titanic Hydra. Not only does BoRK give you almost double the health percent damage on your W, You get a muuch needed Attack speed boost and lifesteal. Once you get sated, all of that will proc twice and greatly increase your power. Titanic Hydra is health based but the cone damage and the extra damage one the next hit after its activated is worth it. You will be building health after this as well so you will boost Titanics power. Deadmans Plate and Spirit Visage will stack up the health, increasing Titanics power as well as Armor and MR. I suggest taking Berserkers Greaves.

Tank Vi
Tank Vi isnt particular meta anymore (from what ive seen) but its still a viable pick and a great asset to a team light on bullet sponges. Its safe and reliable and will actually do quite a bit of damage. First get Cinderhulk for the bonus health and tanking. Titanic Hydra is going to be your next pick and will be your primary source of damage for this build. Build Randuins Omen to ramp up Titanics damage and bog down enemies trying to flee. Spirit Visage will also help Titanic as well as giving you MR. Warmog's is your best option for scaleing Titanics damage, increasing Cinderhulks bonus health cap, and giving you Garen like regen. Its the perfect tanking item. Finish with Merc Treads to add a little extra MR and keep out of enemy CC.

You may actually want to change up the masteries for this build. Going with Grasp of the Undying to help with health regen.

Assassin Vi
A build only for the adventurous it focuses on delivering high power at the cost of being really squishy. Vi naturally has more health and armor than most assassins so she can play this build safer, but at the cost of being as strong as an assassin. Take Devourer and work into Blade of the Ruined King for lifesteal, speed, and health damage. Go into Trinity Force right after to add crit to the mix along with spellblade. Guinsoos Rageblade is up next. AP and AD scaling on your E make this perfect for landing power punches and as you use it, its stacks eventually give you AoE per punch as well as attack speed. Finish up with Berserkers Greaves and Guardian Angel to keep yourself alive and faster than the competition.

Team Work
Vi works well in teams that can keep the enemy slowed enough to make Q landing easier. She excels in teamfights where she can burst down tanks with just her W and E.

These are some champions Vi works well with

Caitlyn: It was obvious Caitlyn would be on this list. They have a secret buff thats not really a buff but more of a joke. Its still worth it. Caits traps and secure Vi a kill and Vis ult can keep a target down long enough for Cait to burst them with a Q ult combo.
Kalista: Kalista throws her oathsworn into the enemy team and you follow with a Q or ult.
Garen: You share great armor shred if hes bought Black Cleaver. Your W combined with his Spin to Win will prove deadly
Nasus: When Nasus slows an enemy down and pops his AoE, Q in and stop them. Ult them to lock them down into Nasus' ult to drain health and hopefully give him a Q kill or you the kill.
Nautilus: A good Dredge line into a Q guarantees the enemy will not move. If they do, Nauts E can slow them down. Combine ults for a lockdown.
Ashe: When Ashe ults the target go in with your own ult for a total lock down and a confirmed kill.
Malzahar: Time your ult or Q right after Malz uses his ult for maximum CC
Ahri: Her kiss can lead them straight into your fist.
Thresh: Where his hook isnt a total bring in, you can intercept the enemy after the hook lands. Or if thresh jumps and flays them backwards, you can Q into or ult into them then.

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About the Author

My league account name is Shadowbloodedge, but in game its 2000 Angry Jews.

Ive been playing Vi for a while now. I picked her up because of my lack of fighter jungles and I instantly loved her kit and playstyle.

Ive also done a guide on tank jungling with Nautilus. Check it out!

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