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Pushing team

Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Shen Build

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Core- reasons for these champions and how they should be built and played

Shen-Shen was chosen as the tank because of him ability to be helping everyone at the same time regardless of distance. Often this team will be spread across the map, and being able to instantly shield and teleport to someone could make or break a push.

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Intro- idea behind the team

The idea behind this team make up is to kill towers. That is all. The team is not built for team fights, nor will it have the best ganks, or laning phase. The champions presented are all strong in thier own right, and are certainly capable of winning team fights, or winning in lane, but the summoner skills and the mentality behind this build is not meant for this sytle of play. The main tactic that will be used is to push a lane, and teleport to another lane as soon as the enenemy comes. for this reason almost every champion should have either a telepoet skill or the teleport summuner.


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