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Rammus, the armor-dillo

Last updated on April 24, 2010

Basically just building armor for boosted damage and boosted defense against any and all opponents, you still have to be careful of those pesky blood razors on the fast attacking enemy, but with enough skill from you and your team mates, you should be able to over come any and all interferences.

Be conservative in the beginning, you only need another 500g before you start working on the bigger and better. start of with the heart of gold and let it pay for itself, take a role in initiating team ganks with your powerball/ball curl/taunt combo.

moving into mid game, you should have your heart and boots of swiftness and should be able to zip all around the map helping. once you get your sunfire cape, you should be easily tanking for the team and it only gets harder for the enemy from there. Start working on your aegis of the legion to help your team in those big team battles.

Late game you should be cruising along at a good speed tanking towers or enemies for your swift hitters and your power houses. Tremors is a great skill to utilize in those fights to hit more than one person at a time, try to keep their key players from running towards your range dps with taunt, or keep them from running away. work towards your frozen heart to help out even more in those team battles while keeping your mana pool stuffed.

You can easily be just as mean of a killer as ashe, teemo, yi, or warwick by playing smart and not sacrificing your self for a kill.