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League of Legends Build Guide Author peterbruunt

Rammus the KillerTank

peterbruunt Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Hello. This is my first build so feel free to correct me. :)
I'll start with my Summoner's spells:
Flash: You'll need flash for either jumping into your opponents, or escape with it if you loose a battle and you need to get away.
Ignite: You dont NEED ignite, buf it is awesome for the first 6-10 levels..

I play Rammus this way and i always end up tanking awesomely for my team and being godlike, or even legendary.

If you play Rammus you can lane with anyone, but I prefer someone like Sion, or any champion who has a stun or a "knock up" cause with powerball and ignite, they'll be down in no time! :)

As item build - if there is 3 or more melee attackers on the enemy team (including tank) you go with Boots first, then Thornmail. If theres only 2 or less, you go with Sunfire Cape first.