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Randolph's Twitch Super Extravaganza!

Last updated on August 29, 2010
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Welcome to my Twitch guide!

Who is this guide for?
This guide isn't necessarily for the beginner Twitch. I feel that you should have a decent understanding of how precisely to play Twitch before trying to use this build, as it will leave you very squishy throughout the entire game. I've seen Twitch builds that allow for a bit of health, but truthfully, I seldom get it. The way I look at it is that more often that not, a skilled Twitch should never need health or defense. I will, however, run over some strategy points that any Twitch player or aspiring Twitch player could benefit from.

With that said, let's get started!

Why play Twitch?
When one speaks of the advantages that a specific champion brings to a team, one often refers to how much damage a champion can take, put out, how much CC or silence ability that champion has, and any other various, yet very superficial abilities that champion brings. There are some champions though, where this shallow distinction is not enough. Twitch's ability to stealth long-term, coupled with his early/midgame nuke, and his crippling AoE slow, gives him the unique capability to appear to be everywhere at once to the enemy. If done correctly, you can have the entire enemy team second guessing every advance they make, every retreat path they follow, and every bush they step into. Twitch has some very destructive abilities, but his greatest ability of all is the ability to terrify the other team into doubting their every move.

Note: Twitch's difficulty.
I've always been told (typically by people I'm killing, or have just killed) that Twitch is a very easy or cheap champion to play. I'm going to stick my neck out there right now and disagree. While Twitch's abilities are damn near brainless to use, it takes a great deal of time, effort, and skill, to learn the subtleties of

Twitch Pros

  • Very heavy damage throughout the entire game.
  • Terrifying if played correctly.
  • Very good in mid OR a lane.
  • AoE damage from ult+expunge is great in teamfights.
  • AoE slow is great for helping teammates escape.