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Last updated on October 18, 2010
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OKAYYY! This is my first build so be nice to me (:

great DPS
great carry
group killer

easy to chase

Okay so MF is great at dps and can carry.

EARLY GAME: I get my Long sword and 1 health potion. Try to lane mid, but play defensive. remember, you are squishy so try to last hit everything because you need the money. Try attempting to harass your enemy by using double shot on a minion to hit your target. once you reach enough for a manamune recall and buy it. It is pretty useful.

MID GAME: You should have your swiftness boots so you should be running pretty fast with your passive. now should be building up your last whisperer or black cleaver. you should start ganking but dont initiate the ganks. always stand back while ganking and ult if you know if the enemy is trapped.

LATE GAME: You should be working on your starks or your bloodthirster. By now your enemy should put up a good fight. Your starks and bloodthirster will lifesteal back your health. You should be doing 300s every shot and should be attacking very fast.

Thanks for reading(: <# now go and play MF