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MonotonousG Last updated on December 18, 2015
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Hello and thanks for reading my Twitch guide. I'm a little new to LoL but I've been playing as Twitch since the beginning of season 6 and I've grown accustom to using The Plaque Rat. I've only played less than 10 PvP matches with Twitch but I've played Co vs. AI plenty enough to understand Twitch's potential. He is one of the fastest attackers on the game and when you focus on only his attack power and speed he he becomes almost invincible. I do admit Twitch is fragile and is best at sneak attacks and back-end support against Tank Enemies.

So here's my guide.

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Twitch is about ADC (Attack Damage Carry). He has great attack speed and can pick enemies off one by one. Get runes that focus on his attack power and (if need be) armor penetration. Nothing is worse than running up on an enemy with great defense and health. Critical Damage will also come in handy at the beginning of the match and Mana Regeneration can be a life saver due to Twitch's low MP. 'Nough Said.

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I'm just at level 21 but I've maxed out Ferocity to secure my attack power. Twitch can Jungle well but Lanes are his specialty. Resolve has beneficial skills but I chose Cunning to help with his abilities.

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Skill Sequence

Contaminate is your finisher. Use it to farm and KO all enemies. Ambush helps increase your speed so it's best to Ambush --> Attack --> Venom (slow down) --> Contaminate to eliminate. I use R to push off enemies when defending a tower or harass enemies.


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