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Yorick Build Guide by Gramps Tewks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gramps Tewks

Real Men Cry! (Goddess Tears)

Gramps Tewks Last updated on May 6, 2012
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Conventional Tear Build


Alternate Yorick :D

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 2

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 7

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Where Are You Taking This... Thing?

This is less of a build guide than an Ode to Tear of the Goddess and the few (the proud) who use it!

Much gratitude to JhoiJhoi for the beautiful template :3

"So now America, with an open heart (and an empty stomach),
I say unto you in the words of my uncle: 'Allez cuisine!!'"

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Let's Talk Tear

This is my favorite item in all of League of Legends! The Mana-Pool generally serves as a severe limitation on the power level of most champions... not so with Tear of the Goddess.

Why doesn't everyone rush it, then?
People like Graves, Ezreal, and Anivia would love the near-infinite spam, but the item almost always irreparably delays the development of their unique power-role.
The following champs are best suited to make efficient use of it:

Q: What do these seven have in common?
A: They share either 1) a potent early-game that is better amplified by volume of spells than combat stats, and/or 2) long-range spells on hilariously low cooldowns!

DiffTheEnder has a great Theorycraft on Tear of the Goddess, Manamune, and Archangel's Staff.

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The Wrestle Between Burst and Damage-per-Second

The current set of affairs (an ever-elusive METAGAME!) is such that beefy/tanky characters own the spotlight. With enough defenses, teams can simply ignore any non-fed burst caster! In this situation, any form of sustained damage (AoE, low-cooldown abilities, auto-attacks, etc.) will defeat the periodic explosions originating from paper-thin gunslingers.

Burst-casters are by no means obsolete! They merely occupy a volatile, specialized niche.
Where does Tear of the Goddess factor into all of this?

By easing mana restrictions, it transforms a select few casters into sustained damage-dealers!

This has created an extremely exclusive club.
The members of said society are listed below:

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Rogue Mage

Ryze is the poster-boy for Tear of the Goddess. He spams skills like a boss and the bulk of his damage ( Overload + Rune Prison) scales from Mana (!!!) :O

The craziest thing about Ryze is that he can build Tear of the Goddess + Glacial Shroud + Banshee's Veil and still perform both a burst and sustained-damage role!

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Yorick is very close to my heart. The moment I laid eyes on Manamune, I thought to myself, "Self! Find someone who can actually use that junk!" Yorick abuses it.

This guy's sustain is ABSURD because of Omen of Famine; not only is the initial magic damage increased by the Attack Damage from Manamune, the ghoul attacks for a percentage of Yorick's AD and heals for the entire amount of damage dealt!

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Not just a Requiem.
The humongous range and nonexistent cooldown of Lay Waste makes Karthus a Tear of the Goddess-charging machine! He's a hyper-powerful team-fighter and unstoppable farmer.

Defile's Mana-pool requirement is single-handedly solved by the one item :D

Tear of the Goddess + Hextech Revolver feels like nothing so much as the insane Life steal that AD carries such as Caitlyn naturally receive when farming! It's great.

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Odd Ones Who Also Benefit

Sona may indeed be the quickest Tear-charger in the game when played as an AP carry~ yeah, she's better as a true support, but where's the fun in that?! XD
Blitzcrank benefits from the Mana ( Mana Barrier) and AD from Manamune!

Urgot is a harass-monster with Acid Hunter! He's a fringe pick, but can be devastating.
Cassiopeia is a true spammer, and can make excellent use of the extended casting provided by Tear!

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So Now They're... DPS?

First of all (to answer this question) we must define the phrase itself!

Q: What makes a champion "Damage-per-Second"?

A: The phrase itself is as arbitrary a measure as "meter" or "pint"; it simply serves to emphasize the relative intensity of one damage source to another. However, "per second" signifies that the damage is the SAME EVERY SECOND, which disqualifies sources whose damage varies significantly from second to second.
( Brand, Nidalee, and Talon, to name a few)

By this definition, A more accurate statement would be that Tear of the Goddess transforms these champions into sustained burst-casters. When given to a Yorick who builds Spirit Visage and Glacial Shroud, the effect is a remarkably consistent second-to-second damage output; this coming from a character with a fairly shabby innate Mana-pool!

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A Tear for Everyone!! (..Right?)

Nope! Tear of the Goddess is a HUGE handicap on most champions! (Especially the ninjas)

An average game's Gold income is in the ballpark of 8,000, and who wants to spend a Full Eighth of their precious money on Mana alone?! Not Jarvan IV or Brand, for sure.

Experiment and discover for yourself ;)

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Statistics & Sources

space DiffTheEnder's Efficiency Theorycraft

Vogie's Metagolem article




LoL Discussion: Who Should Get a Tear?

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Final Stuff

When I realized that my main champions ALL used Tear of the Goddess, this article seemed like a natural reaction. Something about the item screams, "I'm WAY over the top!!"
These three champions are so consistent and powerful when equipped with it.

Please write a quick post below if you agree, disagree, or could care less :D
Thanks for listening to an old guy's ramblin'.

~Gramps Tewks