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Rek'sai the warrior

Last updated on April 23, 2016
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Hi! Today i'm gonna show you one build on rek' Sai usually we buy the cinderhulk and then full tank but we can build for deals much dammage thanks you to take the time for Reed me . And i hope you Will enjoy .
ps :maybe there is some speeling error sorry excuse me i'm french .
se you on thé invocation rift !

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Skill Sequence

With the classic rek'sai your are a front lane/engage .With this build you are also a front but the classic rek'sai is more tanky than this rek'sai but he deal much dammage than the classic . Your job is : go kill or cc the carry opponent . Peel your carry and then help your team for kill the front lane . You can Splitpush you are a veary good duelist and join your team with the R

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