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Rene my way

Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Hi i am Svennisgraddis. This is my offtank build most for normal games, i also gonna do a jungle build later in this build. wiew the whole before u rate it.

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These items is very good for an offtank. a warmas as i call it,(Warmogs+Atmas impaler).

For jungling i start with an cloth armor and 5 health potions, then a wriggles lanters,mercery threads,warmas(Warmogs+Atmas),bloodthirster,frozen mallet,black cleaver.

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When i go normal i have the one i have showed in the beginning and my jungling is 1/21/8 with improved smite and ghost.

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My runes are Hp quints, AD glyph, armor seals and armpen marks. if u want a more offensive rune setup u can go with AD quints, AD glyph, armpen marks and cooldown seals.

When jungling u take the defensive one.

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Jungling route and information

Rene OP jungler?? YES!!!!! start at the wraiths, smite blue and use ur Q to kill the others, then go to wolfes, then to golems smite one, go B buy boots, go to blue and kill it, then to red and again or gank.

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This is the end, plzz tell me how it went in the game with this build. BYE!!