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Rengar - Now the true hunt begins! (Solo top Guide)

Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Combos and ferocity stacking

With your first spell Q last hit creeps to 4 ferocity points(now Fe).When you will get lvl 2,unlock W for early healing for next fighting.On lvl 3 you will get E,the slow.So now,you need to get 4 Fe and get into bush.Here wait on your Victim.Jump on him with Q,then Q again,press E and W and start hitting.If there is a turret,calm back.So the main combo is Q->Q(with 5Fe)->E->W and hitting with ignite if it will be kill.So guys,i am sorry for this short guide,but it is my first and today i got penta with rengar so i tried to do a guide.


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