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Rengar OP Build

Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my Rengar guide! Here you will find a guide on how to hunt your prey with the savage Rengar!

Rengar is a melee fighter who excels in both top lane and the jungle. With the help of his abilities and his unique resource called Ferocity, Rengar is sure to add plenty of his enemies heads to his trophy collection.

I started this guide off with a lot of basic information about the champion because I want my readers to understand the champion before getting into details like runes and item builds. If you already know everything there is to know about this awesome champion, feel free to skip to my Runes section with the table of contents above.

This guide is currently and will always be under construction in order to keep it up to date and as informative as possible. Thank you to everyone who supports and votes for this guide!!!!