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Riven Build Guide by SoldierCoDnoob1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoldierCoDnoob1

Riven Builds Season 4 rules

SoldierCoDnoob1 Last updated on November 25, 2013
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Pros / Cons

Rivens Pro & Cons

+ High damage Combo
+ Effective against low Health champs with her Ult
+ Stun
+ Well farmed at Jungle

- First Minutes a bit Hard
- At the beginning very Squishy and Low Healthed at Jungle

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You farm in a Jungle , so you have a free farm at Jungle. Try to reach all the Pushed lanes by enemy so you have nice farm as a Jungler. Sometimes more than a Top or Mid laner. ;)

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Items Order

First I go to the Normal Jungle, that mean Hunter Machete and 5 Heal potions. The trinket is the Warding Totem :)

As First Back try to build Black Cleaver and Madreds Razor as a part of the Jungler Items wriggles Lantern and always heal potions against Ignite or abilities over time :) (Shoes soon as possible)

Try to get feed on the Jungle means offer your help to the lanes try to get one or two kills. I know the people on the Lane need the kills but try to get some if they split. So you can go on Giants belt and Tiamat. If you need the Health take giant belt first and get some pieces of the Tiamat and close it to Hydra.

So if you have Frozen Mallet and Hydra its the highest time for get guardian angel to raise your Armor and Magic Resist a bit higher and to get a revive for a worst situation or to got a Kill. Use your chance! As last Full item take Wriggles Lantern for some AS !

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In my last build i havent bought shoes maybe it was a fail because i play some rounds and try to check it out. The result was awful. You havent any Movement speed so I thought what item is useless enough to take it out. So decide it to the Maw of Malmortius and take for it for the Ninja Tabs.

The Second change are the Skills. I start to star Q-E-W because you need only Stun first and more shield for Lane&Jungle

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