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Ryze Build Guide by JadedTombstone

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JadedTombstone

Ryze...Overpowered? (Damage Master, Tank, Mana Hog)

JadedTombstone Last updated on August 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 19

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Ok, This isn't Much, But...

The thing im trying to point out is, this is probably the best ryze build i ever used, i spent days and even weeks trying out different builds for ryze (one of my top favorite 3 characters) and this has seem to work the best. After this build you can virtually 1v1 ANYONE and even take in into a 2v1. I'll give you some combos and strategy tips to help you on your way. Another benefit you will see from this build is not just that ryze has 5K+ mana, but he also becomes somewhat of a tank with nearly 3.5k health and a high AD resist.

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Runes, Materies, and Skills.


Runes are based upon mana and magic resist. The mana will increase his damage output and his magic resist is useful incase you need to somewhat tank or take on AP units. I strongly recommend these for playing Ranked games with ryze.


Masteries are based on Mana Regen, Cooldown, And Spell Penetration. As well as a little Magic Resist. This is the most stable Masteries setup for Ryze.


Skills should go in the order as i listen. You want to focus on Overload being one of the firstly maxed skills for that cooldown and fast damage. Try to balance Spell Flux and Ruinic Prison. NEVER BUY ALL AP ITEMS. ALWAYS MAKE SURE ITS USUALLY MANA BASED.

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Summoner Spells.


Ghost-I really recommend this for almost any character. Ghost only doesnt help you get away more efficiently than flash, but it amazing helps you chase. Think of it. Flash is only good when your getting away trying to flash behind trees or a wall (this happens 1/10 of the time) usually you'll be running away from someone where theres nowhere to block the enemy (9/10 of the time). Ghost lasts for 10 seconds. Flash gets you somewhere as you would normally get in 3 seconds with Ghost. Please use ghost.

Clarity-Amazing for starting game to keep you in lane longer. A MUST on ryze. Also if your about to kill a enemy and your out of mana. Looks like listening to me wasn't a bad idea afterall. eh??

Flash-I guess so if your good with it.

Cleanse-A Very useful spell. Not recommended for Ryze. But if anything Clarity for it.



Rally-Your dumb...

Smite-I suggest you dont play ryze anymore.

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Playing as Ryze.

Well as most of you may know, Ryze is a major combo user. His passive is whenever he uses a ability, his other abilities get shortened by 1 second. Allowing him (after the full build) To Deal nearly 2k damage in less than 5 seconds. Im guessing you *****s have a idea how to play the game right and not to tower dive every second when the other champ has like 2k+ hp...So i'll just go straight to the combos.
(ALWAYS OPEN WITH OVERLOAD, just be very quick then use Ruinic prison within a second)

Ryze's Basic Combo is

Overload->Ruinic Prison->Overload->Spell Flux->Overload

After you use this combo you should run out or away from 2-3 seconds until nearly all your spells are recharged. A Crowd Control combo for clearing waves of minions is

Desperate Power->Spell Flux->Overload (To the minion in the center)

That should clear out minions in waves of 15-25.

When taking on a enemy 1 on 1 or picking out a enemy in a team fight you should always open with overload for a massive damage output. Make sure Ruinic Prison follows RIGHT AS overload is airborne. Also in team fights if the enemy team is in a big group try this combo.

Desperate Power->Ruinic Prison->Spell Flux->Overload that should give you and your team a opportunity to pick out some kills.

Combo for getting away. (SINGLE ENEMY)

Ruinic Prison->Ghost

Could be more simple?

Oh yea, if theyre pretty far behind just press ghost...****tard...

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Making Your Build

Ok,ok,ok, a few people and my friends have asked me WHY 3 rods of ages? Ok listen for a ******* ****ing second. ITS MANA HEALTH AND AP GROWTH PASSIVE DOES STACK and anyways RYZE'S POWER IS BASED ON MANA also it WOULD'NT HURT FOR RYZE TO BECOME A PART TIME TANK would it? so stack the **** out of rod of ages. The UNIQUE passive sucks anyways. If you REALLY want some magic resist, and if you see 2+ members of the enemy team that are AP get one. its probably the best bet you'll get. Anyone who says this build will make ryze a "glass cannon" must be a ****ING noob. Simple and flat as that? Im pretty sure going positive the past 10 games prove enough. But anyways ROAs give Health (For Tanking) Mana (Power) And Ability Power (AP). Why would ryze need AP now? well Ruinic prison actually somewhat depends on AP, so why not?

Build Order

Beginning Game
Grab a Sapphire Crystal, Health pot, Mana pot.

When you can, Buy Sorcerers Shoes.

After that turn that Sapphire crystal into a Tear Of The Goddess to start building up that mana immediately.

Once that is made build your Frozen heart starting with a Glacial Shroud for the cooldown.

As soon as you get your Frozen Heart let me tell you...ROD OF AGES, ROD OF AGES, ROD OF AGES. Those are probably your most important items. After you finish them, touch up that Tear Of The Goddess by buying a Archangel's Staff.

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Why use Ryze?

Ryze is a... unexplainable type of character. 1 word so sum it up. Amazing. He's not Overpowered (ex-Xin, Akali, Jax) or too weak at all. His Combos ****ing wreck if you play him right, hes fun, he can CC, he can gank, he can support in team fights, he can take on in 1v1s even 2v1s, he can defend, easy tank, one of the best characters that i used that had a amazing overall performance.

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Ok Mother Truckers.

I Suggest you all know how to play. Now take these Combos and that build i gave you and tear your enemies a new *******. If there are ANY complaint comment them and let me know what could possibly be wrong with this build. Excuse any typos.