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Ryze .... wait just kidding Galio

Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Now guys... this is how you play galio... he is completely magic resist reliant due to his passive. Your gonna be doing great damage with your e and q spells that w spell you can put on whoever initiates witch may be yourself and when it cools down you can put it on yourself and then ulti for the win in team fights.... its great to take mid but if you cant make sure you lane with someone with major harassing abilities like your own such as annie, janna, veigar, karthas, kassadin, kog maw, or all of the above... at the same time.... yeah u know what im talkin bout.... maphax... anyways..... go ahead and rate this build it may seem kinda well... iffy but trust me when i say... you will wipe the floor with this new hero (mastries i left blank cuz they werent working but ur gonna go 0/21/9