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[S6] Pink Diamond - Jungle Taric Guide [Rework]

L3gislacerator Last updated on August 6, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 6

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Taric with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath No mobility. Easy to stun and peel your team from.
Hecarim With enough armor, he won't scratch you. Stun him to stop his charge and use your IBG to slow him, lowering his damage output.
Kindred You both have invulnerability ults. Call it a draw? Nope! Kindred's ult lasts for 4 seconds, so after about 1.5 seconds of it pass, activate your own ultimate. Your team will once again be invulnerable immediately after their ult ends, giving you the upper hand.
Vi Stop her Q chargeup with your stun. If she dives onto you or a teammate, use your ultimate to ignore follow-up.
Warwick Stop his ult with your stun.


About the Guide


Pros and Cons


Ability Rotation

Jungle Clearing
General Strategy


You are nothing more than glass... Waiting to be smashed.

About Me

Hey, I'm L3gislacerator, a Diamond V League player in NA who started playing in late Season 4. Support main by day, mid main by night.

After almost a year of playing the game, I had still hardly ever played in the jungle. It was partly due to inexperience and intimidation, but also because I hadn't thought of a jungler that fits my playstyle well -- rather, a jungler that I could have fun with.

That's when I had an idea, which is never a good thing. What if I tried something new and different? Risk failing horribly, but enjoying myself as I learned? What if I played Taric as a jungler? It was worth a shot.

So I played and I played, game after game. I could not, and still can't, stay mad at anything when I play Taric. He's charismatic, exuberant, and most of all, outrageously fabulous.

Now I'm not saying I'm an expert at jungling. I definitely continue to learn more about both Taric and being a jungler in general after every game I play. However, from experience, I know that Taric can be devastating in the right hands. But enough about that; I know the big question that's still on your mind.

"Taric jungle?"

About Taric

If you're not asking that, I'm surprised. That's what I thought to myself when I first considered it. "How? Why Taric? And why in the jungle?"

Taric is a champion for people who want to have fun. Fun when losing, when winning, or when soloing their 10/0 ADC and leaving without a scratch. The thing is, when you play Taric, you're ALWAYS winning. You'll laugh at his voice, his death sound, his taunts, and the amount of things you can get away with when playing him.

Nobody expects Taric. Those who know how to play him well can understand his strengths and weaknesses and play him just as well as any other champ. Even before his rework, he was a force to be reckoned with. Now? He's on a whole nother tier.

Taric shines against full AD teams by providing armor to both himself and his teammates. I don't recommend playing him if you know you're against more than one or two AP champions because although he remains viable, his effectiveness lowers. Bless your soul if you go against a full AP team -- you're waiting to be smashed.

With a constant output of damage from his ability rotation, innate tankiness, and the fact that he's most fabulous dude on the rift, you should be asking yourself why you're not playing Taric.



+ Amazing against full AD teams

+ Long-range AOE stun with a relatively low cooldown

+ Excellent dueling potential with Muramana

+ Excels in teamfights because of his AOE heal and ultimate

+ Can tank a lot of damage with his armor, shield, and low CD heal


- Struggles against AP champions

- Takes time to scale

- Low mobility

- Loses some effectiveness once enemies buy Last Whisper

- Your team may will give you bad looks for picking Taric



Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Marks of
Attack Damage
Attack damage helps with your jungle clear speed. I choose these over attack speed runes because of Bravado, which already gives Taric attack speed after using an ability.

Glyphs of Scaling
Magic Resist
You'll need some magic resist just in case their AP becomes an issue. I choose scaling because flat magic resist is not necessary for farming in the jungle.

Seals of Armor
Standard on most champions, but especially good on Taric due to his abilities' armor scaling. They help with survivability both in and out of the jungle.

Quintessences of
As Taric, you can never have enough armor. These quints improve your abilities and help you survive the jungle long enough to do a full first clear.



  • Fury : A bit of attack speed to help in the jungle and in fights.

  • Expose Weakness : You often open your gank with a stun, so this makes your laner deal more damage when following up.

  • Wanderer : Move between lanes and catch up to opponents faster.

  • Runic Affinity : Useful for retaining all the jungle monster buffs Taric can make use of including those from Krugs, Gromp, Red Buff, and especially Blue Buff early on, for longer.


After casting an ability, Taric's next two basic attacks within 4 seconds each gain 100% bonus attack speed, deal bonus magic damage, and reduce the cooldowns of his basic abilities by 1 - 0.6 seconds, increased to 6 - 3.3 seconds for Starlight's Touch's recharge time.

Lowering cooldowns and extra damage? Sign me up! The cooldown part of the passive is essential to why Taric can get his infinitely repeating ability rotation which leads to more heals, stuns, shields, and damage all around. An important thing to note is that the damage scales off of bonus armor which means you will be doing more damage the tankier you are.

The two hits from Bravado both apply on-hit effects. Do you know what this means? Once you have a Muramana, those two quick hits will each be imbued with its damage. This will often lead to you hearing "What the hell was that damage?", "How am I supposed to counter that?", and "Why am I so aroused?" Responses like those are only natural. It's shocking on the receiving end when you find out how much of a beefcake this passive turns Taric into.

PASSIVE: Taric stores a charge of Starlight's Touch periodically, up to a maximum of 3 stored at once. Starlight's Touch cannot be cast without charges.

ACTIVE: Taric heals himself and all nearby allied champions, with the amount increasing with every stored charge at the time of cast.

A simple yet effective spell, Starlight's Touch is a low cooldown heal on a charge system with the benefit of being AOE. You can choose to either use for sustain on both yourself and your team, or to use it offensively.

When you want to deal as much damage as possible, you should to abuse Starlight's Touch's low cooldown in order to activate Bravado as often as possible. Since its cooldown gets significantly reduced by Bravado attacks, use it whenever it's up to make the most out of your passive.

PASSIVE: Taric and his Bastion-marked champion gain bonus armor.

ACTIVE: Taric shields himself and the target allied champion for 2.5 seconds, blessing them with Bastion and causing his abilities to be replicated on them while both are near each other, though the effects do not stack.

Taric can self-cast Bastion to shield himself and his marked ally if he's within range, or the nearest ally. Only one champion can be marked at a time, and selecting a new ally clears the previous mark.

This ability can be used offensively and defensively through both its passive and active components.

First and foremost, it mirrors your abilities on your linked ally, which opens up many more possibilities on how to use them.

  • Starlight's Touch will also heal around your linked partner, allowing for very long range healing and twice as much AOE.

  • Dazzle will fire off of your linked partner towards the cursor, so you can stun your opponent from different, unexpected angles.

  • Cosmic Radiance will create a completely separate invulnerability field around your linked partner, opening up the potential for a very large team-wide ultimate.

The shield is very helpful as well. Not only does it provide some damage mitigation, but whoever has the link placed on them will be granted an armor buff based on your maximum armor.

Taric projects a beam of starlight towards the target location, erupting after a 1-second delay, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and stunning them.

Dazzle is fantastic for its versatility. It is a skillshot in a line that moves with you during its channel, which is about one second long. This gives you the ability to reposition yourself just the right way to hit opponents in ways they wont expect.

When ganking a lane and your laner is nearby, shield them and play based off of their position in order to land a stun.

Since you can move as it is casting, you can activate Dazzle as you're approaching an enemy and Flash in right as it fires. This gives you time to reposition if needed for some Flash-E plays. (Get it?)

When you don't feel like living the Evil Knievel life, there are safer ways to use this ability. Dazzle works great as follow up CC since there is no escaping from it that way. You can use Bastion an engager on your team and then use Dazzle once they make their way into a fight.

Example Video

After a 2.5-second delay, cosmic energy descends upon Taric, granting invulnerability to him and all nearby allied champions for 2.5 seconds upon impact.

Cosmic Radiance is a game-changing ultimate. Imagine Kayle's Intervention but AOE and with a cast time. However, at the cost of those 2.5 seconds of waiting, you get to have 2.5 seconds of invulnerability as well, which is definitely a good trade off as long as you time it correctly.

An important part of using this is using it while Bastion is on an ally because it will activate around that teammate too! This means you can have a very large area to grant invulnerability in, which can turn a lost fight into a victory.

Because it has such an influence, timing Cosmic Radiance well is an essential part of being successful with Taric. Negating the other team from damaging you, and even more importantly, baiting them into a fight that they don't yet know they will lose, is what makes it such a make or break ability. Don't wait too long to use it, but also don't hesitate to use it a little early if you anticipate needing it.

Example Videos


Your standard combo should start with Dazzle and use Starlight's Touch in between every other basic ability. Always make sure to apply Bravado autoattacks after each ability to deal as much damage as possible and lower the cooldowns of all your basic abilities. By doing this, you can restart the cycle over and over again, giving you a solid damage output.

Dazzle >> Auto x2 >> Starlight's Touch >> Auto x2 >>
Bastion >> Auto x2 >> Starlight's Touch >> Auto x2 ... (REPEAT)

Starlight's Touch's cooldown gets heavily reduced as long as you use it in between every other ability. This causes you to achieve a near-constant high attack speed from Bravado with as little as 10% CDR!

You won't always get the perfect combo off, but the damage racks up as long as you can keep autoattacking. Because of this, Taric's jungle clears past the first can be very quick, provided you have enough mana.

Example Video


Jungle Item: Cinderhulk
The best option for upgrading your jungle item. It gives 400 health and a 15% multiplier on bonus health, making you even more tanky as the game goes on and you buy more items. Its Sunfire Cape-esque passive makes your jungle clearing faster and racks up a respectable amount of damage in fights.

Stalker's Blade

The preferred option. Comes with chilling smite which steals movement speed. Good for catching and sticking to targets.

Skirmisher's Sabre

A good alternative when there is a lot of CC is available elsewhere on your team, in which case having another slow isn't necessary. Allows you to duel pretty much anybody one-on-one with challenging smite.

Sheen Item
For a frequent spellcaster like Taric, Sheen is a necessity. He can proc it whenever it is up because his abilities have such low cooldowns when his passive, Bravado, is used correctly.

Choosing between the two main items you want to build this into depends on your situation. Do you want to play defensively or offensively ? What damage can you expect to take throughout the game, and as such, would you prefer bonus armor or bonus health ?

Iceborn Gauntlet

Provides all of the stats Taric could want: mana, cooldown reduction, Sheen, a slow, and armor. It allows you to be a durable tank and a resilient fighter all at once. The Frozen Fist brings a lot of utility with it slow field which helps you as well as your team catch up to targets easier, especially ones that would normally kite you to the ends of the earth.

Trinity Force

A more aggressive damage option, the Triforce provides several favorable stats for Taric. The Sheen passive does double the amount of bonus damage on this item than it does on Iceborn Gauntlet. Rage, Phage's passive, gives a decent amount of movement speed on hit which is helpful for sticking to targets. The attack speed as well as cooldown reduction on this item means more Sheen, Bravado, and Muramana procs all around.

The one big downside is that it does not provide armor like Iceborn Gauntlet does, so you will be dealing more damage at the cost of taking more. However, you don't lose out on the mana and cooldown reduction when choosing this item over it. I recommend buying this if you are either against a mostly AP team or if you have a lead and want to use it to your advantage.


Taric's power spike and the source of a lot of his mid to lategame damage. Buy a Tear of the Goddess after your completed jungle item, and then a Manamune once your tear is close to being fully stacked. Its active damage combined with Sheen and other mana items will make you a force to be reckoned with. With this in your build, a few solid hits are all you need to shred squishy targets.

Boots of Swiftness

The best boots for getting around the map and sticking to opponents. The slow resistance is a big plus to these boots because Taric is susceptible to kiting.

Ninja Tabi

For if you find yourself needing to stay alive more than sticking to targets. The armor is always helpful and the passive lets you take a beating from ADCs.

Mercury's Treads

When you find yourself saying "I couldn't move for 5 seconds straight," these are the boots to get. The tenacity they give can be a lifesaver, so buy these if you're getting locked down for too long.

Dead Man's Plate

Provides a good amount of health and armor. Its passive gives you some much needed speed in the form of Momentum that lets you catch up to opponents and get them in range of your stun. Attacking consumes Momentum to deal extra damage which works well when stacked with the rest of your damage amplification. Even better is that at full stacks, your next attack deals double the amount of bonus damage and shortly slows. Overall, a great item to pick up.

Frozen Heart

Provides a huge amount of armor, mana, and cooldown reduction. The armor and mana will add to your overall damage because of Taric's armor ratios and Muramana, respectively. The CDR is another big plus to this item, and it will likely be capping you off at the maximum by the time you buy it.

Its passive reduces the attack speed of enemies around you, so it is especially useful against champs that utilize it including most ADCs.

Randuin's Omen

Grants defense and two good passives. It reduces crit damage taken and reduces the attack speed of enemies who hit you. As such, it will help you fight ADCs and other crit/attack speed dependent champions like Yasuo. It also comes with a nice active slow that can be used to chase opponents down or to escape a sticky situation.


The go-to option if you want to be Rammus for a day. Thornmail is great to pick up if there's a high threat from autoattack champions because it a lot of armor and a passive that reflects damage from standard attacks. The damage reflected scales off of bonus armor; this is notable for Taric who thrives off of building it.

Spirit Visage

The best item to get to deal with magic damage. It provides a very useful magic resist and health boost, some cooldown reduction, and a passive that increases the healing from Starlight's Touch.

Banshee's Veil

Another magic resist item that you can place in your build, preferably after Spirit Visage. Compared to it, Banshee's Veil gives less HP, less health regen, and no cooldown reduction, but it makes up for it by having more magic resist and an amazing ability-blocking passive.

Locket of the Iron Solari

A less selfish magic resist item that has a nice aura for those around you and a great active. If your support is not going to buy this item and there's a good amount of magic damage, burst, or both on the other team, this item will do a great deal of work when it comes to winning teamfights.


Always start at the side of the jungle with Blue Buff in order to not run OOM. Taric's abilities cost a lot of mana early on, and you'll be using it up quickly since you want to be spamming them to get the most out of your passive.

Get Dazzle as your first ability -- it does respectable base damage and will stop a couple attacks from monsters. Grab Starlight's Touch at level 2 for the sustain it gives and so you can abuse its low cooldown to activate Bravado often. At level 3, unlock Bastion, which apart from providing a helpful shield for surviving the jungle, opens up the opportunity to gank by linking to teammates to pull off a stun.

If you find yourself needing health, you can wait for a few seconds in between camps to charge up a 2- or 3-stacked Starlight's Touch for more healing. Also, don't be frugal with your potions -- you'll likely be needing them.

Gromp o>>o Blue o>>o Wolves o>>o Red o>>o Raptors o>>o Krugs o>>o Scuttler

Start Gromp and Smite + Dazzle it instantly for its thornmail passive which helps when clearing the other camps. After killing it and hitting level 2, put a point into Starlight's Touch and go to the Blue Buff. You'll be able to get through it without losing much health by stunning it, kiting it, and using healing yourself whenever possible.

From there, clear the Wolves, then go to the Red Buff and Smite it for a nice health touch-up, which you're going to need if you plan on trying to gank. Kill the Raptors, then Smite and kill the Krugs.

If you're in a good enough shape, you can look to either gank bot lane if you started on blue side or top lane if you started on red side. Whether or not you choose to, look to kill the Rift Scuttler before backing.

After you finish your first clear, you'll have enough gold to buy your Stalker's Blade / Skirmisher's Sabre. Also buy a Vision Ward and place it near one of your buffs. Since you're Taric, the enemy will likely want to invade you.

Example Video


Dazzle is Taric's main way to gank and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use Bastion on a teammate and wait for the right time to land a near-inescapable stun. Remember, Dazzle fires towards your cursor from both you and your Bastioned teammate, much like Lulu's Glitterlance. Whip out a Geometry textbook as you're ganking and you can find some unique ways to trap the enemy in a stun. (Or experiment with it. That's fine too.)

There are several ways to approach a situation when ganking:

  • Ganking from afar is adequate when your teammate can close the gap first, allowing you to stun off of them.

  • Ganking up close is very straightforward. Run at the enemy and give them a stun to the face. Remember to fire a stun from your ally too if you can for another beam and a bigger chance to hit it.

  • Taric does well at counterganking and following up on allied baits. If an enemy engages on your teammate, shield and heal your them while stunning the enemy in their tracks.

Cosmic Radiance makes tower diving easy. Activate it as you or your laner takes tower aggro in order to ignore its shots as well as enemy retaliation, ideally getting a kill and escaping alive.

Example Videos


Look for an opportunity to gank once you're level 3 if you're healthy enough and if you're sure you can force out a Summoner Spell, get a kill, or both. Otherwise, make your full jungle clear and get your Stalker's Blade / Skirmisher's Sabre.

After you back and get those items, more actively look for opportunities to gank. If you successfully ganked a lane earlier, ganking again when they don't expect it is an almost guaranteed kill. Don't waste your time if the gank seems risky or farfetched; getting behind as jungle Taric means you'll have a lot of catching up to do. If you get a kill or two in bot lane, you can look to do an early Dragon. You have a shield and a heal on you that make you able to tank it.

Work on upgrading your jungle item then buy a Tear of the Goddess. After those items, you can branch out on what to buy starting with your Sheen, either Iceborn Gauntlet or Trinity Force.

Actively stack your Tear of the Goddess when you would otherwise be idle. All of your abilities can be cast at any time, so using them periodically while walking to your camps will get the tear stacking quickly, optimally at or before the 25 minute mark.

After you've completed your Sheen item, upgrade your Tear of the Goddess into a Manamune if it is close to 750 stacks.

A well timed Flash into Dazzle, or alternatively, a Dazzle off of a strong engager like Gnar or Sion makes for an excellent initiation for a fight. Then, your team can provide follow-up CC and score a kill. They can't run when they're stunned. Nobody can.

In fights, you want to be a frontliner and a damage dealer. If you're left to pummel on an enemy, their health will be dropping quicker than their elo. Look to stun key targets for your team, and if someone is chasing said target down, assist them in doing so by linking to them and using Dazzle.

If a teammate needs peel, say a defenseless Kog'Maw, don't shun him. As much of a juggernaut as you are, you have just the right tools to be a protector. Be generous; your abilities utilized well can be the difference between life and death. Drop a heal or a shield on someone who needs it most and aim to make Cosmic Radiance fall onto as many people on your team as possible.

Cosmic Radiance allows for some fancy objective steals. Most of the time, when a jungler jumps into Dragon or Baron pit, they get stun-locked an bursted down before they can even use Smite. As Taric, you can use your ultimate just before you jump in -- and Dazzle their jungler to prevent their Smite while you're at it -- so you can stay alive for just enough time to pull of a steal.

Your main objective now is to peel for your carries in teamfights. Although you can do a lot of damage, you need to remember that pursuing an enemy isn't as important as keeping your team alive. Taric does an excellent job at protecting his team and that's exactly what he should do at this stage of the game.

The fact that you have Cosmic Radiance up your sleeve is the most important part about you in a big, game-deciding teamfight. When everyone has enough damage to kill each other in a few seconds, you can tip the scales and take the high ground.

How do you counter Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy? Your ult.
How about Illaoi's Leap of Faith? Your ult.
Wukong's Cyclone? You get the picture.

Team-wide invincibility is a really big deal. Be responsible with it because you may be holding the whole game in your hands.

One good catch against your team can be enough to lose a game, but Cosmic Radiance can turn that misstep into an opportunity. If the catchee manages to stay alive long enough to be granted invulnerability, that means the enemies wasted their resources for nothing and now they're in range of you and your team. This doesn't mean you should ask someone to set themselves up as bait; that's a terrible idea. But if they do happen to be stuck in a bad spot, you can give them a second chance.

When all is said and done, make your way to their Nexus and get yourself that sweet, sweet 50 gold.


Thanks for reading my first guide! It's ever evolving and I'm always finding new things out as I play. Please provide feedback, vote, or comment if you have something to say. Hopefully you've learned something along the way and understand how Taric can work in a place you wouldn't expect.

Hipster Brag

If you're still not a believer...

I encourage you to try it out for yourself. I bet you'll end up liking it.

- L3gislacerator