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[S7] Efficient No ******** teemo guide

Last updated on November 12, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

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We're getting straight to the point

teemo is efficient as ****. IDC what you think. Hes strong against a fair majority of top laners so use that to your advantage. Dont pick teemo in comps that are bad or dont counter pick yourself.

I play a fair bit of teemo, and i think I know a bit of the basics and how to teach you all how to do ityourselfs.

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Ranked Play

You're probably reading this hoping to achieve something in ranked. Low elo this should be a monster. Higher elo, you may have trouble, and i recommend only picking teemo in favorable lanes. But if you feel comfortable than by all means, pick teemo.

Early game: focus on harassing your enemy laner. Poison proc makes auto attack trades that much more efficient. Not to mention, greenfathers gift and geurilla warfare attack speed passive may let you get some early cheese to bully your opponent before he even gets a CS. Dont get too greedy, as just driving him back and making him scared and miss 1-2 cs is worth it .If you do somehow manage to kill him, than you probably won lane.

Mid game: place shrooms in gank/roaming paths. Remember, higher elo players will predict pretty well on where your shrooms are and also the red trinket will make it difficult, but you can see them kill it and buy yourself enough time to run away. I personally use my shrooms as a way of kiting my oponents, and also throw it in their running path. You want to aim to split push and create pressure, and by this point of the game you should be quite fast assuming you have a good amount of points in your W. If you somehow pull off getting a lot of kills in the EARLY game, try to roam and get picks. Teemo isnt the greatest teamfighter because of his lack of aoe and vulnerability to burst and CC, i reccomend try and getting a mercurials or GA to make up for it early on to avoid giving the bounty gold. Also, to teamfight you wanna play a lot like an ADC except you want to blind the ADC with how fast you are and try to get auto attacks off before the tanks and supports peel for the adc. As soon as you blinded their adc, your assassins or bruisers should have enough time to probably end out the fight or outright kill their backline. teemo is pretty hard to chase because of shrooms and W speed, so abuse this as well and try and see a frozen mallet purchase if you see yourself needing to orbwalk and kite the enemy. General rule of thumb: dont try and play like an assassin or an assassin will show you up and be quick to floor you. Like i said, teemo sucks *** against burst and cc.

End game: This is where teemo has unexpected pressure. Being so difficult to kill and fast, also doing insane damage, teemo becomes the raidboss and the second adc. Constant pressure or constant adc-like-dps across the enemy team. Teemo builds like my own should get you a lot of attack speed and damage to kill carries really quickly(especially AD's considerign they cant do aa damage to you!)

Split pushing is also a really good way to play teemo. His shrooms are essentially time-buying wards, (because no one in the right mind should go AP teemo, the shrooms wont do the greatest amount of damage like they do with full ap teemos)

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Shroom placement

Gonna be pretty straight forward and simple.

In lane place them like wards, in bushes, and around the outside of where the minion wave walks (so the minions dont explode it when its meant for the enemy laner)

I like to have a general rule of thumb when i place shrooms, and thats wherever i am, before i recall/leave, drop a few shrooms, and it may help out in another situation. Let me give an example.

If i kill my laner or my laner leaves, and i go to get scuttle while i push up my lane, ill drop a few in the enemy jungle or few in the river and river-escapes for the mid laner to possibly assist or kill someone fleeing. it also allows your to have global pressure, being able to slow and damage people while not even being close to them.

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Pros / Cons


- High damage
- High attack speed
- Difficult to catch
- Extremely versatile game play
- Lane bully
- Counter to most tops
- Low elo monster
- Peels are pretty good if you can get good shrooms and blinds off
- Squishy
- vulnerable to CC
- Difficult to do reliable damage with once behind in levels / cs / kills / enemy builds mr/armor
- not the best teamfighter
- ugly classic skin
- gets **** ON by AP Top laners like Ekko, malphite, maokai, and mundo.

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Teemo is a versatile and all around champion that can be built in a variety of ways, and also is the most tilting to lose to. Not only this, but he is extremely efficient in all aspects of laning phase but lacks a few things that make him not game breakingly OP. Overall easy to push with shrooms, and a great second adc-esque champion that could fit in a lot of comps.

Comment below if you have any questions or anything you'd like answered