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Screw the system Teemo, tanky on hit dps

Last updated on May 4, 2014
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This is just an experimental build. The idea is to maximize attack speed with on hit effects from botrk, wits end, and teemo's toxic shot (e). Teemo does not scale well with ap, and his poison is strongest on hit. If you are constantly attacking and refreshing the poison, it doesn't stack. I find it more productive to use toxic shot as a sort of "AD buff" to Teemo's auto attack. Botrk and wits end both give excellent damage boost with the attack speed. Adding triforce gives more damage and movement after blinding dart plus this teemo would benefit from all of the stats. Adding warmogs on the end helps teemo to survive even longer (even with lifesteal and MR from wits he is rather squishy). Teemo becomes a hybrid tanky dps punk with poisonous wards and stealth to make matters worse. Lastly boots of swiftness+W help chase those squishies with their +45 ms boots. Hope yall like the idea or at least find it interesting (probably not viable)...