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Katarina Build Guide by xXpybroXx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXpybroXx

Season 4 Katarina

xXpybroXx Last updated on August 8, 2014


Seekers Armguard Gives a large amount of stats for the price and assuming they have an AD Jungler will reduce the chance you will die from a gank

The early DFG gives more burst damage for lane fighting over the Deathcap

Rushing Hourglass is good against a heavy ad team (ad lane) or if team fights break out early while facing a heavy CC team.

While ahead a Haunting Guise can give a fairly large damage increase with the HP, and will make roaming much more effective.

The Mobility Boots over Sorcerers Shoes is really a personal choice but the Mobility Boots movement speed buff for roaming and getting into a good position to engage a fight from is a big plus. (Mobility Boots in conjunction to Haunting Guise leads to very effective roaming)

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