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Ryze Build Guide by RyzeSoloMid

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RyzeSoloMid

season 4 MID/TOP build for aggressive Ryze players

RyzeSoloMid Last updated on December 2, 2013
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RyzeSoloMid Mechanics

Ryze is my main champion with 86 percent win ratio with him in season 3. I like to play him aggressive, I practiced on Ryze alot that i tend to harras and still not miss alot of creeps what i do is every change i get to use the q ability i use it and i only use it when they are in range of it and i don't go to the enemy player just to hit him with the q because that can cause you to miss creeps and also makes you take damage from the enemy minions and with the new nerf on his range you might not even be able to use it but once i get my spells q-w-e everytime i get the change i use the ryze ability rotation which is q-w-e-q.

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Farming/ defensive if you have to

if the enemy player is keeping his distance from you or the enemy jungler is camping your lane just push as hard as you can so that he will be forced to farm under the turret and while he is busy doing that go for the wolves and use the combo with the ultimate on the big wolf then go back to you lane farm the wave then go for the wraiths by that time the ultimate would be back and do the same thing again. Most people tend to save their ultimate which is bad because its really low cd and the passive reduce ur cd by 1 sec everytime you use a spell so you should always spam your spells on creeps if you have to to get your ultimate back and stack up the tear of the goddess. if you are a really defensive player you can go for the teliport instead of the ignite to gank lanes or apply pressure on your enemies lane.

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