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Swain Build Guide by crunh2015

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crunh2015

Season 5: Swain Guide AP Mid

crunh2015 Last updated on July 24, 2015

1. Teammate and Swain 's enemies :
Swain teammates :

Swain is a general need to be " raised " until there is some equipment needed to promote efficiency . Otherwise the play of Swain prone to damage in the fighting lasted up teammates with Swain appropriate include : Kayle , Nami , Karma , Maokai , Morgana , Elise .

Swain 's enemies :

As I said, Swain is a general need time to promote strength , so the generals capable overwhelming early game can become a danger to Swain , including: Lissandra , Leblanc , Ziggs , Brand, Pantheon , Jayce ...