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[SEASON 7.1] Jumping Kitten Top - Rengar Guide

drunken hunter Last updated on January 14, 2017
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Offense: 12


Defense: 0

Runic Armor
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Utility: 18

Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank GP doesnt have much cc and his powder kegs can be destroyed by a jump out of the bush - really eays to counter
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After the Assasine Update there are some big changes and Rengar is no more the same Champion.
He is no longer the 1 shot champion but he quite deals some dmg with his new passive. This and more i will explain in my guide.
Enjoy and take your time to experience Rengar :)

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Please read the NOTES

The notes are very important to understand the build and make things much easier!

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Exhaust TOP?

I hear this question quite often and now I want to explain it in my guide.
My build and my way to play fit to gether very well. I pick Exhaust top because
Rengar doesnt have much cc - Exhaust slows,
Rengar doesnt have a good escape (without a bush or his ult) - Exhaust reduces enemy dmg,
Rengar deals more dmg with his full stacked (Q) - with Exhaust you deal more dmg on a champ that you just exhausted

You can do the classic lvl 2 (or 3) engage, when you have full ferocity (-> stacks)
means: get full stacks and lvl 2/3 (before your enemy reaches lvl 2), jump on him, while you are in the jump you press (Q) and exhaust the enemy, after you jumped on him you do an auto hit, then (Q) again and (W) and more autohits

for short: get stacks, get lvl 2 or 3, jump on enemy champ, exhaust enemy champ, do (Q), auto hit, (Q), (W), auto hits... and the next (Q) (if your enemy didnt already Flash

With this tactic you get the enemy's Flash or first blood.
The first blood is even safer if u do poke dmg in lvl 1 (do it when there is still the first minion wave) you go in a bush, jump on your enemy, the first hit is done by just jumping on the target, after that press (Q) for the auto hit reset and more dmg (but dont let him trade you!)
do this 2 or 3 times and the engage will have more succes.

If he flashes or you get first blood you will have safer farm, get the items faster and do more kills.

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Get fed, follow this build and One-Shot ? ? ?

I have read this several times and i was impressed - one shotting! But how is it actually possible? What is the usual meaning of a "one-shot"?

If we look at the sentence the first part -Get fed- is probably the most difficult (but thats what my guide should enable).

So the second part -follow this build- is what the guide actually is all about.

The third part -One-Shot- is the problem. To actually One-Shot an enemy certain conditions must be done:
You have to be ahead in CS and you need a much higher lvl, also you would need 2 or 3 infernal dragons and baron nashor/elder dragon, 5 Bonetooth Necklace stacks plus many kills.
The most important thing would be the kills, the farm and the level.
But you wont always have all these things to One-Shot an enemy with one auto hit/ability like your ulti.

People even say "One-Shot" when you killed an enemy champ with a fast and strong combination of abilities - its not a real One-Shot but huge dmg in less than 3 seconds with almost no counter play.

But to do these nearly One-Shots you should follow an item build that gives you mostly just AD but not attackspeed or armor (cuz that doesnt help your Bonetooth Necklace stacks xd)

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Pros / Cons With this Build (and runes+masteries)

With this build and the way to play we got some Pros and Cons!


+ High moblility in jungle and with Thrill of the Hunt (R)

+ High outplay pontential

+ Squishy targets can get 1 shotted

+ Low cooldowns

+ Nice roaming with ult


+ Bad teamfighter

+ Can be useless or broken (useless if he has no kills/ if he is behind)

+ He relies Thrill of the Hunt (R) for kill potential

+ Control wards counter Rengar!

+ No escape without a bush/ Thrill of the Hunt (R)

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Abilities and Skill Sequence

With the new Rengar there are also some new abilities.

• His Passive ability Unseen Predator to jump from a bush on an enemy got now 725 range

• His full Ferocity stacks that he gets by attacking an enemy with an ability are now reached with only 4 stacks, out of combat (3-4 sec in wich he doesnt take any dmg) his stacks will instantly disappear,after Rengar used an empowered ability, he gets increased Movement Speed by 30/40/50 % for 1.5 seconds. If Rengar leaps on an enemy after he (Rengar) got out of of combat, he will gain 1 Ferocity just by the jump - with this you can use the stacks in combat faster if you use your other abilities aswell.

• With the Bonetooth Necklace you can only get 5 trophies by killing an unique enemy champion + you have to take 1 sec dmg from him before he dies by your attacks. Above your items you will see all the enemy champions you havent killed yet. The new Trophies will give you:
- 1 Kill: 1 plus 1% Bonus AD
- 2 Kills: 3 plus 3% Bonus AD
- 3 Kills: 6 plus 7% Bonus AD
- 4 Kills: 13 plus 13% Bonus AD
- 5 Kills: 20 plus 20% Bonus AD

• His (Q) Savagery will deal attack damage twice in a row (a quick row) - first in a semicircle form infront of him and after that he does a quick strike forwards
The empowered (Q) will just deals much more dmg but it wont give you the extra attackspeed anymore.

• The Battle Roar (W) now wont give you any armor or magicresist anymore - the heal is changed aswell:
- heals Rengar for 50% of the damage he took in the last 1.5 seconds.
- empowered (W) removes existing crowd control effects, and prevents incoming ones for 1.5 seconds, in addition to its normal effect.
- Damage healed from monster attacks is increased by 100%.

• The (E) Bola Strike didnt change a lot, it just slows for 90%. The empowered (E) still roots/snares.

Thrill of the Hunt (R) did change a lot aswell:
While active, Rengar gains 40% Movement Speed and vision of the nearest enemy champion who he can leap to for a guaranteed critical strike. Attacking or casting most spells ends Thrill of the Hunt. If you use your ult you will always instantly get the movement speed but there is a range in that you are visible (works like evelynn's passive). If you dont have vision for example in the enemy jgl side and you use Thrill of the hunt
, you will only be able to see the champion in the jgl who is the closest to you - you can also only LEAP on the enemy champ that is the closest to you, wich can be a huge problem in a teamfight.

The Skill Sequence

With the new Rengar its better if you level up his (E) Bola Strike first. The Battle Roar (W) wont heal you more if you got low hp - it just gives you a part of the health back that you lost the last 1.5 sec. It wont you heal more than you lost - this is a problem for the laning Rengar!
But you better still keep the early game order Q -> W -> E in lvl 1 til 3
(i will never stop top lane :P)

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Runes and Masteries

These Runes I got for my guide are like the basic Runes you can get for Rengar - but they are (in my opinion) the most effective ones.
Im using 5% scaling cdr and 5% flat cdr, 15 AD for the the max passive effect (Bonetooth Necklace) and 9 armor.

All in all we got 10% cooldown reduction, we have a lot of attack damage,and the basic armor.
It is all we need for Rengar and you can always use these runes.

For the Masteries I chose the column of Resolve. Here are the advantages:

you have better sustain on lane, you take less dmg, your full stacked battle roar (W) will give you more health back,
you have more life steal, faster hp regen, you get slow resistance what is good in combination with Mercury's Treats (the boots) and you get even more life steal by the key stone - this key stone mastery becomes much more useful with your first item (The Black Cleaver)

This path of masteries helps you in the laning phase with tankyness and life steal, it gives you more sustain on the lane to outscale your enemy.

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Huge thanks to Kitty Behind You, the guy who motivated me to play Rengar. He made very good guides where he explained what he does when he plays Rengar top or jgl. I was impressed because he had his very own and special way to play and so I started to play this champ. I got experience, I created own builds and mastered Rengar.

Thank you for reading this guide, I really hope it helps you to play better or that you get to know Rengar better.

-> Kitty Behind You - plays (before season 6.22)