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[Season 7] AP Shyvana Mid/Top

The Last AP Tristana Last updated on November 24, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Hello, I'm "Squishy Support" (I was "Last AP Tristana" before) , I am 23 and i play in EUW. I started playing League of Legends at the beginning of season 2 and reached diamond during season 6 by playing AP tristana among others. I play mainly squishy supports (lol) but i also play some midlaners and junglers, and some weird ( but viable ) builds too. I'm planning to reach challenger during season 7 but i always try to keep my guides simple so everyone can read it ! You can check my other guides if you are looking for unusual but working builds, or for short guides about supports.

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Full Game

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Why is AP Shyvana interesting?

Yes, you probably never saw an AP Shyvana during your whole life. Yes, it looks like the most stupid think you ever heard. Yes, half of you will probably not believe me. But this is actually an interesting build and has some serious reasons to be viable !

Firstly, the AP itemization gives you some valuable utility (in other words you will become a f*cking monster permaslowing the whole enemy team and burning them to death), while also increasing your spells damage by a decent amount (W E and R have not bad AP scaling).

More important, you will still have the burst and high DPS of a standard shyvana, because they come from base numbers more than items, and you will also be decently tanky thanks to your passive and HP items !

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Pros / Cons

- W Synergizes well with rylai (and even more in dragon form
- Tanky without defensive items
- Good burst in mid game
- High DPS in mid-late game
- No mana
- Easy to farm and push
- Stomping noobs with unusual build always gives you stylepoints
- She is a dragon

- Hard laning phase during the first 5 minutes
- Your teammates will dodge the Shyvana mid lane
- You will get flamed when you fail
- Less tanky than a standard Shyvana

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

AP build -> magic penetration marks, i'm sure you know it already

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

You will buy a lot of hp items but not much armor, so this is the best choice to be pretty tanky ! (This is +27 armor at level 18) You can also use flat armor if you want.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Exactly the same reason. You can also use flat MR glyphs if you want.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

I don't recommend any other quintessences.

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Deathfire Touch or Thunderlord's Decree ?

Ok, so you have 2 different viable keystones ! When you lane against something squishy (~mid lane) you should take thunderlord because it will give you good burst in laning phase (and it is a better mastery for short trades). However, when your lane opponent is tanky (~toplane), your trades will sometimes last longer and deathfire touch will be a viable choice for more DPS (it's still bad early game though).

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This item is broken on everyone (6.21) . If you are in melee range and use the active it will give you high burst (because the enemy will take 7 orbs), and shyvana is also happy to get a gap closer so this item will still be good after the nerfs. However it sucks a little when you are full build so just buy something else instead when you have enough gold

This item is also broken for everyone but it synergizes especially well with shyvana's spells (so it will stay good after the upcoming nerfs i can predict). With your W in dragon form this will give you like 7 second of aoe slow all around you !! (You will feel like playing Aurelion sol sometimes but shyvana has more innate swag)

(This is op for everyone) Tons of damage for not so much gold. AND EVEN IF THE ENEMY HAS ONLY 50 MR SO PLEASE BUY THIS ON ALL AP CHAMPS.

Rylai + Liandry + AOE damage over time = burn tanks and non-tanks to death

It's not a secret : Shyvana likes attack speed. You buy this for the same reason you buy attack speed on standard shyvana : for high sustained damage.

Replacement for protobelt in lategame if you need more burst and are rich as f*ck.

Replacement for protobelt in lategame if you need the active to engage a fight and stay alive.

Replacement for protobelt if you need the MR or if you want more damage and have not enough gold for rabadon

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This makes you tanky and synergizes well with your HP items

Tips and tricks :

- Do you really need tips for this ?

This spell does decent damage early, but the most important is that it will trigger twice the on-hit effects of your other spells (and your W scales with AP !!)

Tips and tricks :

- It resets your auto attack timer

This is your most amazing spell ! It will deal tons of AoE damage and each autoattack will apply a part of the damage again. It also scales with ap a little.

Tips and tricks :

- While in dragon form, you will also burn the ground behind you

- You can max this spell first against weak melee champs

This scales a little with ap and has not bad range. It will be your main source of poke during laning phase

Tips and tricks :

- Use it to last hit minions that are too far away, and try to hit your opponent at the same time !!

- You have no mana so just spam it.

This is a gap closer for a standard shyvana, but it also gives you a good burst when you are building ap due to the decent scaling !

Tips and tricks :

- Use it each time you need, as the "cooldown" is not long at all

- Remember it gives you extra HP !

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Laning phase

Shyvana is really not hard to play so you should not have any problems during laning phase. I will give you short tips :

- Against melee champs you can easily farm, use E to poke and even max W and go fight if you want !

- Against ranged champs, try not to get poked too much (go for last hits when your enemy is busy last-hitting !) and use your E to last hit minions safely and poke your opponent at the same time.

- Always keep at least one side of your lane warded (and try to play on the warded side of the lane)

- Once you are level 6 and have hextech revolver, you can easily kill the enemy laner or roam and gank other lanes !


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Team fighting

Teamfight Basics

Your goal during teamfights will often be simple : dive on the enemy backline and annihilate them ! However, if you are not strong enough to do this (it happens sometimes in very late game), you can stay more behind and kill tanks efficiently with your adc.

Your Best Friends

You will like people who can yolo-engage like you, or supports who can make you more durable in teamfights because you have pretty high dps !

Your Deadliest Enemies

You will hate people who can disengage after your ult and kite you to death.

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Thank you for reading !

Ok i tried to keep this guide simple but i think i have not much more to teach you anyway. I hope you will have fun and stomp your opponents with this build ! Keep in mind that even in ranked mode it is just a game, so stay friendly and don't flame as it would only make your teammates uncomfortable and sometimes even hurt them. They are just people like you after all.
You can vote for my guide if you found it useful, and if you like it i will write more guides about my other picks.
Thank you and happy gaming !