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Season 7 Hybrid god Teemo Top Lane

iam2sxy1 Last updated on December 25, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox abusing him early game with e and making him sit under turret is a great advantage remember to ward tho =]
Garen harass with auto attacks if he comes in with q blind him before he hits it and it should be a miss
Nasus DENY DENY DENY all there is to it =] he farms his q you're screwed late game
Tryndamere deny early game as much as possible. when reaching level 6 you'll be able to deny his ultimate as if he comes in with his e you can place a trap and blinding him which allow you to deal damage while he is slowed you can use your w to move further to deny him further damage and it should be easy game from there =]
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Introduction-about me

Hi all my name is Seiryu and i was also known as MidnightSoul as a Platinum tier Teemo main. This is my first guide and probably my only guide as i have dedicated my life to Teemo over the past 4 seasons and i will try to help show you how you can be the Demon Spawn of the league of legends community =]

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Teemo - The Demon Spawn

Why should i play teemo?
as much as people love saying Teemo is such an easy champion to play or Teemo is such a **** champion there's some things you should know. Teemo isn't made for everyone like most champions you need to think fast or be patient as well as be sneaky as hell when it comes to playing him in lane and outside of lane

1. Teemo is an amazing solo lane champion he will out do most top lane champions by himself he has a great 1v1 against most top lane champions and he will most likely end up winning lane no matter what
2. he is VERY mobile one of the fastest champions in league with his W passive/active
3. easily able to kite champions when fighting in team fights or fighting 2v1s
4. mushrooms are his main feature which will give you the vision, lane pushing power and slow against your opponents
5. very underrated champion for what he is capable of 90% of teemo players will end up failing because of either build, play style or just plain skill level matchup but you will be able to cruise through lane with this guide =]

1. incredibly squishy champion you need to take the advantage in lane otherwise its downhill throughout the whole game
2. highly demanded on decision making
3. very weak without items
4. no hard escapes apart from flash
5. Very short range in terms of ranged champions
6. hated with passive by 99.99% of the league community =]

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My play style of teemo revolves around killing squishy champions and taking care of the adc and apc

1. starting out with a dorans and pots will give you some sustain in lane
2. rushing a nashors will allow you to cs better and to also harass better with it
3. getting a statikk shyv will allow you to deal even more harass damage and push even further
4. you have an option here, depending on the gold you have you can either go for a hurricane or an infinity if you have enough gold. the hurricane will be if you want to cs more and the infinity is if you want to chase for kills
5. infinity/hurricane
6. depending on the enemy team late game you can either go for Blade of the ruined king if you are versing tanks and need the extra damage or go for deathcap if they are fairly squishy
7. sell boots and buy final item
this build will allow you to do damage from both ap and ad which will help you if the enemy is stacking a certain type of resistance =]

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Why not Pure ap teemo?

i've been a teemo main for 4 seasons and i've changed my play style and build accordingly while in season 4 i used to go full ap teemo rushing nashors and rabidons and then getts lich bane for the burst of damage now with the current meta alot more tanks are being played. as a teemo if you have an ap mid laner the enemy team will stack MR for sure and if you're ap thats your loss as well which will make you weak late game. the reason i build teemo the way i do is the mind games. when you build nashors the enemy team automatically thinks you're going ap teemo then building hurricane and infinity will make their MR items useless as you'll be doing so much more damage using your infinity and hurricane then you would in your ap but hey to each their own i'm just passing my game play knowledge over to everyone :D

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Early Game: as teemo top lane you should be very agressive in lane to show your domination harass as much as you can and deny as many creeps as you can without missing too much cs. i tend to push extremely hard when im on the blue side as when it hits 3:20-3:30 i know that most junglers will end up at their red buffs so i go there to try and get an early kill with buffs :3. your early game will be heavily important on cs and kills as much as you can avoid fights if you start losing lane:

Mid Game: when you reach level 6 you have 2 options either become a pusher or become a cser.
Pusher Teemo: if you decide to go along with being a push lane teemo use your traps to damage minions and push your lane into turret and taking it as soon as possible then with that you can start using you traps in enemy jungle to give you vision of where the jungler is depending on how far you are into the game and if your team is winning you can take the 2nd turret or even 3rd turret with the help of your team very early.
Csing Teemo: use you mushrooms as wards in the river, and bushes to give you vision while also denying the enemy team cs with them as you can toss them this is to buy you time to get into late game

Late Game: this is where teemo will most likely shine with hurricane you will be able to push lanes incredibly fast with 80% crit rate and over 2.00 attack speed while having infinity will allow you to dish out serious damage in team fights and also pushing power. you can either go into grouping and team fight or you can split and push while being the bait.
i tend to become the bait 90% of the time to allow my team a baron or i get a free inhibitor turret =] just gotta make them calls

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Mushroom Locations

Red dots: Mushroom locations if you are a pushing teemo on the red side
Blue dots: Mushroom locations if you a pushing teemo on the blue side
Purple dots: Mushroom locations which you should keep with vision at all times
Orange dots: Mushroom locations for both pushing and csing teemo (lane phase)
Yellow dots: Mushroom locations for a csing teemo

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if you have read this all the way through thank you very mush for your patience and time. At this point you should be the Demon Spawn of top lane enjoy Teemo as much as possible and remember HUGS NOT DRUGS (plus teemo is broken) :3