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Shaco or how to dominate

Last updated on September 14, 2013
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First few things

Hi all my name is PainSanta in game, i'm silver 1 for moment but got a lot of experience with shaco.

There are so many guides allready that are really really good! I wont explain everything again. But in my opinion Shaco needs to be played as a real assassin. No needs of 3 defensive items.

2 guides that are really good to learn how to play shaco + movies in those guides that you should watch:

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The way to play Shaco

ALLWAYS take the kill when you gank, allways no exception! Beautiful Korean explains why in his guide.

YOU NEED THIS GOLD TO CARRY THE GAME! Shaco isnt weak late game (trust me) you only need to know how to play him.


- no tanks
- no cc in your team
- no fast wave clear

If you see Nasus & Singed they can be a real prob for you, so consider an other pick! (except if you are sure to own them)

Allways, try to own the other jungle at beginning, so he becomes useless!

Finally, learn how to go in a team fight, never initiate, jump on the adc and one shot him! After run run and run your job is done! Try to come back in the fight when you Deceive is up again, and finish everybody.
Only exception is: if you went for hydra and your team can cc their team.

For the rest look the guides i linked before everything is in there.

By playing Shaco you ll need a lot of practice, a LOT to be able to carry, but this hero is really cool to play and give you a lot of fun when you master him.