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Shaco the Sneaky one

Last updated on December 22, 2010
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1.ignite for dmg
2.This is how i like it but your opinion what you choose. I get flash for getting away or getting one ...

I skill like this to get DMG

all on dmg penetration cause more dmg/jungling
attack speed want more dps and there are no dmg penetration

Items Buying
1.Lifeleach--> staying long time on lane
2.Sheen--> mana +critical strike to enemy + 80% dmg !!!
3.Mercury-->nice for getting away
4.Transform Lifeleach to The Bloodthirster--> dmg and more lifeleach
5.Sword of Devine-->more attack speed + more dmg and armor penetration
6.Infinity Edge--> nice dmg + crit chance
7.The Black Clever-->more dmg and armor penetration
8.Transform Sheen to Trinity Force--> better stats ;)

Have fun whit it ;)

Sorry for my english ;)