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Ashe Build Guide by On.Track

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League of Legends Build Guide Author On.Track

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On.Track Last updated on December 14, 2013
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Ok this is how you win.

Ok so you go top. Ignore the cries of your teammates because you will carry their *** later. Tell your jungler to start a buff away from you so you can use your crit and not get completely smashed in lane. Just try to survive without too much deaths. You may start out with a few deaths with your horrible laning phase, but you're kinda like nasus but 32890382012391x better. Trust me I'm smart. Once you get to mid game, your arrow cooldowns will be short and you can quickly decide jungle skirmishes and teamfights from across the map with ulti and teleport. Late game, whenever somebody on your team is fighting a 1v1, they will win for sure with your arrows. Your volley is 2.4 cd also. DONT BE AFrAID TO USE UR ARROWS ITS ****ING 48 SEC CD YEAH I KNOW I SAID thIS LIKE 10 TIMES. Chasing is extremely easy with 3 slows and a global arrow. Idk if this is legal but you win 100% of the time 200%.