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TomoSlayer Last updated on February 6, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Singed with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox Laning verse Aatrox is very simple watch when his third w passive is up (you will hear a sound from him when he has it up)
Garen Garen is a very easy matchup provided you know how to fling lock, a suprising garen build that beats singed is rushing trinity force (sounds stupid but jesus it works)
Illaoi If you take movement speed quints instead of armor she shouldnt be able to land a vessel on you. run away from her if she ults.
Jax Jax is by far the easist matchup for singed dorans rings and ignite will shutdown his early game. The GOOD jax players will start long sword, pots and take ignite, they will be able to kill you over and over again.
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Who are you?

I am tomo7 (tomoslayer) and I am a big singed player with over 450 thousand mastery points and play on the oce server.

I have a youtube channel where I post some funny moments (mostly singed)

I am also currently Running the Club "The Mega Adhesive" with the club tag: FLING for singed mains on the oce server. so feel free to add and ask to join :) if you want to learn more about singed.

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Starting items

If you are comfortable in a matchup as singed you can start dark seal and refillable potion, seal is a good singed item since it gives him 100 mana (25hp with passive) and offers singed a solid start to any lane and gives him a snowballish item to start with.
Get corrupting potion on your first base and the item is extremely cost efficient.

Corrupting potion start: take verse matchups you are going to get poked out of lane or constantly all inned (like darius, quinn, riven and jayce)

Dorans shield: I would only recommend this item if you are laning verse a camille.

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Singed facts

Singed is a tanky ap bruiser who specialises in utility for his team and himself.

He is best fit in the top lane.

Singed is one of few champions that has there taunt/laugh interact with their abilities

Singed poison counts as a poison for cassiopeia's E.

Singed has the 5th highest base ad in the game (which means you should auto attack alot early)

If singed has his q toggled on, kha'zix doesn't get his isolation damage, because singeds poison trail is coded as a minion.

If you have any other questions regarding singed visit The singed mains sub reddit
They have helped me clear up alot of questions and will surely help you aswell.

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Singeds passive is Empowered Bulwark: he converts 25% of his maximum mana into health.
This passive isn't that special. things to note is the bonus health works with the cinderhulk enhcantment and percent hp runes.
I do not recommend doing a mana focused build on singed, the only 3 mana items you should consider are frozen heart, righteous glory and banner of command. in that case you don't buy it for the mana you buy it for the passive/active.

Singeds Q is Poison Trail
Toggle: Singed leaves a trail of posion behind him dealing ap damage over 2 ticks of posion. standing in his posion refreshes the duration.
Here's the stat's:
Magic Damage per Second: 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+ 30% AP)
Magic damage over 2 seconds 44 / 68 / 92 / 140 (+ 60% AP)

Since patch 6.19 this does 8 ticks instead of 2 ticks over 2 seconds
The poison cloud is coded as a minion for purposes of kha'zix isolation damage.
You want to max this first because it the best skill for singed in the early game and also has the lowest mana cost in his kit being 13 every second.

Singed w is Mega Adhesive singed leaves a patch of goo on the ground for 5 seconds
Cooldown: 14 seconds at all ranks
slowing all enemies in it by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% this skill has a very high mana cost early and is not worth getting it early on.
This does no damage and is used with Singed's other spells that being Fling

It is a great zoning tool for singed.

Singeds E is Fling
Cooldown: 10 seconds at all ranks.
Active: Singed flings a target enemy over his shoulder, dealing percent hp and magic damage that is capped against minions and monsters.

Magic Damage: 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 (+ 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8% of target's maximum health) Maximum Non-Champion Damage: 350 / 365 / 380 / 395 / 410 (+ 75% AP)
This is what makes singed considered decent, a displacement spell every 10 seconds, the death of adc mains.
Pretty much a low effort lee sin ultimate.
It is best to use the "target champions only" mode for this ability because you don't want to pull a Gbay99 and E a minion.

Singeds ultimate is Insanity Potion
Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting himself ability power, bonus armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regeneration and mana regeneration for 25 seconds.

Cooldown: 100 seconds at all ranks.

Bonus Stats: 35 / 50 / 80
Regeneration per Second: 7 / 10 / 16
Total Regeneration: 175 / 250 / 400

Singeds ultimate is the best ultimate stat wise compared to every other purely stat based champion, without these stats singed would be the weakest champion in game.

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Why don't you build mana items on singed?

1. Buying tear on your first back gives 0 kill pressure.
2. The mana to hp ratio is garbage unless you build cinderhulk (buying 1 giants belt gives 30 health MORE than having a fully stacked tear and rod of ages)
3. Singed doesn't need mana to be useful.
4. Double Doran rings is alot better than tear since singed has a high base mana regen.
5. Tear/rod of ages are late game items, singeds damage falls off in the late game unless he has liandries, pretty much useless.
6. Tear is a bad item currently in the carry toplane meta.

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Pro's and cons

Pro's and cons

Can kite amazingly.
His taunts tilt the enemy easily.
Easy to play provided you know what to buy.
Doesn't need kills to be useful.
Creates alot of map pressure via proxy farming.
THE only champion that can reliably proxy farm at level 1.
Can be useful even when he's 0/10.

Hard to master the goo flip.
Hard to farm verse ranged matchups.
Every top lane matchup is considered a hard lane / counter to singed.
Very hard to get multi-kills on singed.
Can be kited.

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Runes and Masteries.

After the cotc nerfs in patch 7.2 singed is in a bad place with keystones, cotc is pretty bad now.

However I give credit to the masters singed player or the korean server lehends for his mastery choices.

Take death fire touch as your keystone by default and take cotc if you are verse Jayce taking cotc vs Jayce helps singed duel him easier due to his raw damage.

Recovery vs unyielding: take recovery verse hard lanes that will constantly all in you which the regen will help you survive the lane (eg riven) and take unyielding verse matchups were the enemy champion is weak early and won't poke you out/annoy you in lane.

Fresh blood vs feast vs expose weakness: In most games expose weakness would be better since you will be giving your team 3% more damage whenever the enemy walk into your poison.
If you are verse a lane you will struggle in and you need the extra sustain in lane (stuff like vlad and pantheon) take feast. If you are laning verse a champion that you can kill in the early lane phase and is melee (nasus, gangplank and jax) take fresh blood to try and auto attack them to death.

vamprism vs natural talent: there is 2 ways you can do this 1 go 1/4 split or 2 go 5/0. this is all personal preference on how you think the lane would go.

Bounty hunter vs double edged sword vs battle trance: ALWAYS go battle trance, it is a very strong mastery on all DoT champions.

Runes: The overall best rune page you can use is: armor quints, magic pen reds, hp per level seals and magic resist blues. this page offers singed a early game and allows him to trade with the enemy well early. Because Singed builds righteous glory now he doesn't need movement speed quints.
You can try ap quints if you want to have some early damage.

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On Singed you want to rush 3 dark seals, stacking dark seals on singed is really effective because he doesn't buy any stacking items (like tear or rod of ages) buying 1 dark seal increases his corrupting potions healing by 25% so buying 3 would increase it by 75% (which is an extra 93.75 health) so from 3 corrupting potion stacks singed pretty much get an extra 300 health which would allow singed to stay in lane for longer.

For singed items you normally want to get righteous glory or rylais first, either of them are good and allow singed to be useful in teamfights. righteous glory in my opinion is overall a better first item than rylais. righteous allows singed to roam and pressure the map. (rylais = for the 1v1, righteous glory = 1v5)

Second item should be either a zz'rot portal or a liandries. zz'rot portal suits singeds kit pretty well it allows him to pressure a lane while he goes and roams (perfect with righteous glory) or singed can go and triple proxy (farm 3 waves of minions at once in the enemies base). liandries is a good item if singed is snowballing it offers alot of damage (which is doubled because of rylais) and offers him flat magic pen which is really good in the early game.

A good build I have been using and find really good is rushing righteous glory into a liandries tornment, with this build i managed to pick up a 1v4 quardakill after being 0/3/0 in lane verse heimerdinger (video of that is on my youtube channel :) )

the rest of singed items can vary from tank items to ap items, it depends on how well you and your team are doing. some suggestions are deadmans plate, locket, banner of command, sunfire cape and banshees veil.

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Sum spells

Since the ghost buffs earlier in season 6 ghost is almost a must take unless the enemy have a jarvan then take flash. (or ghost and flash)
Another good sum spell is Ignite, it is used to snowball and bully around your lane opponent. the cons to taking ignite is you will feel really useless with it if you or your team gets behind.

Exhaust is acceptable when facing a Fiora, Olaf, Ryze or Graves in lane.

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Singed tips/tricks

Sky auto attack: this trick adds a little bit more to your trade (very useful)
To do saa you bind your attack move click to a button suitable and use that key right when you press fling (or you can just right click them in mid air)
This is extremely useful because singed has one the 5th highest base attack damages in the game.

Blue posion: turn colour blind mode on.

Wall Fling (void toss) : standing next to a little choke point like drag pit walls can let you fling them over the wall. Very good when escaping.

Goo flip: flipping an enemy into your mega adhesive for a root (combine this with sky auto attack and it's good)

The auto attack: because of singeds high base ad auto attacking the enemy in the early game is good and deals good damage that is unexpected.

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Skill Sequence

On Singed you take Poison Trail first this allows for you to shove the wave fast at level 1, then take Fling second, Poison Trail third and Mega Adhesive 4th and so on...
Always max fling afterwards since it does more damage, has more uses and is overall a better skill that w because of the percent hp damage and the increased root duration on the ew combo.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Team Work

Team Fight Singed.
Singed Dives into the backline with righteous glory, ult and ghost flinging any squishy target he can get, you normally want to fling the threat of their team, or zone them hard so they don't touch your team at all, just you.
So while teamfighting pick one squishy target who is out of position and run at them.
This would make the enemy panic and use all of their crowd control effects on singed, which is less cc for his team to deal with.

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Singed Poison Trail is his main source of damage in the early game and a great farming tool, it gives alot of wave clear to shove waves fast.

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Fling lock

This is the MOST important skill to singed it allows you to deny alot of cc from the enemy.

To do the fling lock you queue up your Fling while someone is about to cc you, even if singed gets cc'd himself he will still use the fling.

You know you are going to fling lock the enemy when you start walking towards the enemy.

With this trick you can stop Warwick ults, Quinn vaults, garen silence, Alistar headbutt, jayces thundering blow and lee sin dragon rage. pretty much any cc that doesn't make the enemy untargetable Maokai

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Patch changes that affect singed.

first pre season patch:
Courage of the colossus replaced strength of the ages, cotc is a brilliant keystone for singed as it offers him a increased health pool for 4 seconds.

Locket: locket is now a toplaner item and works amazingly on singed.

Banner of command: now gives 400 mana (100hp from passive)

frozen heart cost decreased by 100 gold.

abyssal now increases singeds fling and poison trail damage by 10%.

protobelt nerfs: we no longer build this item.

Patch 6.24:

Rylais cost lowered, ap lowered, health lowered, but the slow for singeds poison trail is the same.

Haunting guise is cheaper along with liandries.

Courage of the colossus nerfed (thank god)
patch 7.2

Cotc nerfs, this keystone is now garbage on singed.
Ghost nerfs, lowers his aggression in lane and nerfs his late game.
Edge of night, this item counters singed and is nowdays built on every adc.

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Like to thank the awesome people on r/singedmains for always having up to date playstyles and some really funny replays to watch.