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Sion Build Guide by adambel2006

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League of Legends Build Guide Author adambel2006

Sion - The Lifestealing Crit Machine!

adambel2006 Last updated on February 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. Here's an amazing AD Sion build that I ALWAYS use. A lot of people think that the best Sion is AP and some people think he's better AD. I'm not going to argue with anybody, but I've played both and I like AD better. But I've seen some AMAZING AP Sions don't get me wrong, but like I just said I prefer AD. Also, if you find this build helpful, remember to thumbs up and comment. This is my first build, and I'd appreciate any constructive criticism anybody could give me. Also, if you don't follow everything in this build, you might not do as good as I do, like if you accidentally forget to put 1 point in your enrage, you might mess up because you rely on that early AD from enrage, you don't buy a single AD item until the end when you get your Infinity Edge.

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Alright. It's time for the runes. These'll give the early game lead on your lane. If you use the runes that I have provided, and the masteries, you'll already start off with 7% lifesteal, and if you follow the build and buy a Vampiric Scepter, then there's 19% lifesteal. You're good to go. The reason we get some armor pen is so that you can do more damage, and usually you wont be stopped by tanks who buy armor first. But if the tank proceeds to purchase a thornmail, you might want to get rid of one of the phantom dancers, and purchase a Force of Nature. The reason you'd do this is because all the damage you'd do to the tank, the thornmail would return most of it as magic damage, getting a Force of Nature would give you some resistance to that magic damage, and stop you from killing yourself.

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You want to follow these masteries to get that early edge of attack speed, and lifesteal. It helps A LOT. But, if you don't agree with these masteries or whatnot, you can change them up, but I think these are ideal for any AD champion in the game actually.

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Alright, here is why you buy these items. (Emblem of Valour glitched? It gives you lifesteal, not armor XD) Well you want to start off with the Vampiric Scepter because that goes with your masteries and the runes you purchase to give you 19% lifesteal. If you max your Enrage, you'll NEVER have to go back until you have to shop. The reason you get more crit then damage is because your Enrage has the damage covered, and crit does more then damage, so more crit damage= more lifesteal, more lifesteal= unstoppable, unstoppable= GG, you're fed. Late game once your ult gives you 100% lifesteal, that'll go with these items and you'll have like 125% lifesteal, it's ridiculous. Also, like I said in masteries, if the enemy team has a tank with a thornmail, you might want to sell one of your phantom dancers, and purchase a Force of Nature. The reason for this is because all the damage you'd be doing to the tank is mostly returned as magic damage. Purchasing a Force of Nature would give you some resistance to this damage, keeping you from killing yourself :D!

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Skill Sequence

You always want to max your enrage as AD sion. That'll give you SOO much damage, without purchasing a single damage item. Which you really don't do. You want to get 1 in your stun to stun them (obviously) and you shield can save you from ignite, so I like to get that third. Maxing your Enrage is the most key thing in this build. If you don't max it right away, you won't have enough damage, and not having enough damage means you won't get the lifesteal you need to stay in lane. Sion is also a great solo top champion, but I don't think that belongs in this section of the build guide. XD

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Summoner Spells

I always usually go with flash and exhaust on an AD champ. The reason flash and exhaust is key on Sion is because...alright, here's 2 scenarios.

Scenario 1: You're chasing after someone who's really low, like 5 bars of health (meaning your stun won't kill him.), and he's out of range of your stun, and your exhaust. Pop flash, and then stun him. If your auto-attacks didn't kill him then, put exhaust on him, and then kill him there.

Scenario 2: You're being chased by 3 people, and you're not fed yet so you can't 3v1 them. Stun the person closest to you, and if someone uses their flash to get closer to you, exhaust them, and if someone ghosts to you, flash away from them. By this time you should be away from them, but if someone pops out of the jungle, or catches up to you, stun them again because your stun should be up by now.

These are two scenarios that you'll most likely be in EVERY game, and that's a fact.

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Heavy Damage
Crazy Lifesteal
Has a stun
Has a shield
Great Pusher


All in all- AD Sion is my favorite champion to play, and he's amazing. He's a good pusher, he has A LOT of damage, and he has a stun, and a shield. What more could you ask for in an AD champ?

Well. This concludes my build for Sion. This is my first build, and I hope people like it. I really enjoyed making this guide, and I might make another one if I find a build that I use is extremely good like I think this one is. Although this was fun, this took a while xD . But yeah, since I'm new to this, any constructive criticism anybody could give me is greatly appreciated. Remember, vote up and comment if you think this build is good, more people might need a good Sion build! You never know!