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Sion the unstoppable

Last updated on December 1, 2010
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While dodging 23.25%, the 214 Armor takes care of reducing the rest of the damage and 92.3 Magic Resistance for caster. Depending of the game I could buy the Gardian Angel earlier if there is a lot of caster.

Sheen is a good choice since everything you go in you will either stun, sheild or both, so it insure your next attack will be 200% of you base damage

If you suceed a good start, you won't have any problem to buy Infinity Edge and this will make you deadly

Then build some HP to eventually get the Atma Inpaler, at this point there isn't much that could stop you

Last item can be placed before the warmog's armor if there is a lot of caster in the game. You need to resist ennough damage and if you die, you will get back up with ennough mana to stun, sheild and ult(if it wasn't used prior death). Most likely your killer went all out and is low mana and hp.