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Smurfer Singed

Last updated on November 1, 2012
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The highly(?) anticipated Smurfer Singed guide is here! Learn to make new players quit the game by insulting their playing skills and terrible life! No runes are required, put one point into summoner's wrath.

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Rush a rod of ages, then go for merc treads. Buy potions in between, and buy lvl 1 boots early. After force of nature and rylai's, you'r pretty much done. Build the last few items purely out of luxury. When buying a zhonya's, make sure to use the active once, b, and sell it for a shurelia's. Repeat the process once more, ending up with a zhonya's and elixirs.

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Skill Sequence

R > Q > W > E. Take blue whenever avaliable. Don't give a damn when taking enemy blue. You can't die.

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Summoner Spells

Use ghost to run fast like an african. Exhaust pisses people off when your w is on cooldown.

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Remember: Dying is bad for you. Don't do it.