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Sona Op Mid :)

Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Hello guys, i'm Vodkaliime and this is my first guide on mobafire so i will no write so much text, don't be evil :)
I will teach u a new meta, sona ap mid!
But why play sona mid?
She have a really burst damage and she can dominate mid with hit plus her amazing heal.
She counter so much champ like Ahri, Kennen and Kassa.
I promise, if the guide will reach a good level i will update that :)

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How to play

Start with boots and pots, charge 1 stack of power chrod at base, use another time the q to pull the blue/red and then do another Q in lane to your enemy champ laner and harass him with your power chord and run back. Do that and you win easly the lane.
At level 3 when you have 0 stack of PC Use the skill sequence Q->W->Q
At level 4+ the sequence become E->W->Q or W->E->Q