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Soraka Build Healer Support

Last updated on July 25, 2010
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This build has its strengths and weaknesses are:
High Heals and difficulty die out support for the entire team.
Need fewer deaths during the beginning of the game, and a good game creeper.

Initial strategy.

For line-mate, good many great killers, with high damage per second, which know how to play. Examples of companion line (Jax) (Olaf) (Master YI) (Phanteon) (thyndamere), etc.

On Line
Playing retreated, taking care with ganks, He remained supporting the companion line and creep, using all the ability to last hits

Final Game:
Staying you attract the team supporting the whole team using the skills of healing and sustaining the mana of dps. Taking care of invisible heroes.

The team has to take into account the initial burst, about you, giving protection to you while you protegendos other

Thank you for viewing is build

I am Brazilian and I play Game LoL =)