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Special Support Build for Blitzcrank/Soraka/Leona

Last updated on October 11, 2012
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How to be a good Support

Hey Guys,

now i want to show you how you can be a good Support for the Carry on bot lane.
First you should buy enought Wards (each 2-4 Minutes back and buy 1-2 Wards to ward
the Dragon and the bush on the bot). Secondly you shouldnt steal the minions (if you are Blitzcrank and you took your Ultimate with Level 6, then you shouldnt go in the near of the lowlife Minions. Your Ultimate focus the enemys with the lowest health!).

Help him to push the botlane fast. If you destroyed the bot tower go in the middle or on the top and help there to win the lane. Finally help your team at baron/dragon and protect their. If the enemy Team steal on of the big Monster your team will cry a lot like a 2 month old baby.

I win a lot of Games with this easy Trick, i hope you enjoy.


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