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Syndra Ftw

Last updated on September 16, 2012
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Hi and welcome to my syndra's guide. Its my 1st atempt ever so sorry if i missed something.

Okay, so ive been playing really often since it was first released. My first impresion wasnt good at all, Syndra wasnt has easy to play as most of mid champions, and her damage wasn't compensating any of tht extra difficulty, but dispite of that it turned out to be a very fun champion and with a good amount of dps on late game.

So yeah My build is all about aiming for the late game, there are many builds about it and this is no exception. what i try to do here is to show u guys all the steps to dominate mid as the all match and reach that victory u want so much. And I hope u find this build useful for any mid champion but mostly syndra.

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Runes (First of all prepare ur runes. )

Im sure most of u guys reading this guide have a standard AP Runes build already setted, wich gives as much AP as possible along with 9