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Talon Build Guide by EpicYourMom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpicYourMom

Talon Mid S3

EpicYourMom Last updated on April 24, 2013
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Early game- try to kite and poke with w(hit enemies though minions if possible) get enemy low enough then finish them with combo mentioned in abilities. only ult if necessary
Mid game- focus on denying farm and kills watch out for jungler- harass them until they have to b then roam- get blue and red if you can. red benefits your passive greatly
Late game- talon is an assassin. but with his skill set he is really good at initiating team fights. e on to ap carry w and ult out. wait for cooldowns and finish up. talons q works well on turrets so he is excellent at backdooring

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    Clears minion waves with ease
    Has strong AD nuke
    Good soft cc (slow, silence)
    Good escape mechanisms
very mana dependent early game
can get caught by jungler pre-6