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Talon Build Guide by charkill

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League of Legends Build Guide Author charkill

Talon, The Assasin Master

charkill Last updated on May 18, 2013
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Talon is an great assasin hero, he does crazy damage and its easy to play him.
Talon can easy kill peoples, depend on how you play Talon.
The difference between a good Talon and a bad Talon.

In my build can you see that im a crazy guy that wants only damage.
Talon is very fun to play and a very good assasin for your team.
I hope you enjoy my build!!

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Pros / Cons


*Overpowered damage
*Easy killing peoples
*Low cooldown ult to kill or to escape
*Easy and fun to use

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Chapter 3


*If in lane with ranged, you can have a very hard time farming
*Lee Sin can see when ult