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League of Legends Build Guide Author metamucil

Tank Anivia

metamucil Last updated on July 21, 2010
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Greetings fellow LOL'ers i decided to post my extremely simplified guide on how to tank anivia.

first of i belive anivia is the best tank out there because of her passive, it effectively makes the enamy have to focus on you alot longer then normal tanks because they have to kill you up to 3 times if you have GA.

first off here is the item set i use - right of the bat Doran sheild, next i rush thornmail or sunfire cape, depending on what situation im in, i generally like getting thornmail first if im up against some annoying carries, then i get the other IE sunfire cape if i have thorn and thorn if i have sunfire.
after that i get boots merc treads if theres annoying casters n binds n slows, or ninja, then i get another sunfire, then GA, and if theres still time i sell Dorans and get another sunfire.

all thees sunfires and thornmail make it extremely unpleasent to be around you, and its absolutely hilarious seeing a Yi kill himself while trying to take down your egg that pumps out 120 dps from sunfire and whatever the thornmail dose back to him.

generaly i like to go mid with this build since she is extremely hard to kill and really throws of the enamy.

below is a SS of my last win with her